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Pharmacy students educated women about different diseases and the importance of staying healthy last Tuesday.

During the Women’s Health Fair, Kappa Epsilon from ULM set up panels outside the HUB to inform women about various topics concerning their health. Some of these topics included mental health, ovarian and cervical cancer, and STDs.

Everyone who came was greeted with information brochures, puzzles, candy and free condoms. The event gave women the opportunity to learn how they are affected by diseases in their daily lives and what they can do to prevent them.

Kappa Epsilon member and graduate pharmacy student Emily-Kate Perrin said it’s important for the organization to educate women about the different conditions that can affect them.

“One of KE’s initiatives is to educate about women’s health, and we thought the best way to do that would be to come to main campus,” Perrin said.

Informing women about the health issues that affect them can be vitally important in saving a life. According to the Cleveland Clinic, early detection is the key to treating breast and ovarian cancer. Thanks to the information given during these events, women know the signs to detect these diseases early.

Another important topic on which KE students have educated women is that of sexually transmitted diseases. STDs can be very serious for women when left untreated. While it may be a taboo subject, graduate pharmacy student Tiona Harris says it’s important to talk about it.

“I feel like it was important for everyone to know their status,” Harris said. “It should be normalized for people to go get tested.”

Another graduate pharmacy student, Jomecia Honeycutt, echoed those sentiments and said it was important for everyone to know how they can be affected by STDs.

“We wanted to remind women that they are not alone and that there are resources and many people who share the same status as them,” Honeycutt said.

Free STD testing is offered to students at the Affinity Clinic on campus.

The Women’s Health Fair was fun for everyone. Conversations have been started about how to keep women healthy and create a safe place for everyone to stay fit.

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