What to expect during your first consultation with a hearing care professional


It takes time to get used to the idea of ​​wearing hearing aids. Maybe you’ve been to the doctor, heard about hearing loss online, and told your friends and family about your hearing loss. Now is the time to make an appointment with a hearing care professional. What can you expect from this first date? We will guide you through your appointment, step by step.

When you show up for your appointment, the first thing you will do is discuss why you are there, how you, your friends and family are feeling your hearing loss.

It is important that the hearing care professional understands your daily life and your needs, so that they can find the best hearing aid for you. Not only is your hearing loss unique, but so is you and your lifestyle. Perhaps you are a busy person who experiences different environments and sounds every day. Or maybe most of your day is calm and quiet. These are two very different lives that could benefit from different hearing aid solutions.

The hearing test

The hearing care professional will measure how well you can hear sounds and speech, and try to find the lowest sound level you can detect for a range of frequencies.

The hearing test is usually performed in a soundproof booth. One ear at a time is tested at different volumes and frequencies.

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The test of the word

A speech test is not necessarily something you will have to do. This involves using headphones and repeating words and phrases for as long as you can hear them.


You will then receive an audiogram, which is a complete mapping of your sense of hearing. A hearing threshold between 0 and 25 dB is considered normal.

The audiogram helps determine the severity of your hearing loss.

Full picture

Based on the tests, the hearing care professional will suggest the best hearing solution for your unique hearing loss, budget and daily life.

The next steps

Once you have chosen your hearing aid, you will get your first hearing aid. Now you will have a few weeks to try the hearing aid in real life and come back for fine tuning.

Usually, people are happy with their hearing aids after two or three adjustments. If you are still having issues with them after this, your hearing care professional will help find a better hearing solution for you.

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