Tucker Carlson accuses Swalwell of “several chlamydia infections”: VIDEO


It’s amazing what one can say on live television with little to no hindsight, even against a sitting member of Congress.

Tucker Carlson, a man who once told his viewers directly that he would lie if he got stuck in an argument, now accuses California House Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell of being “unclean.”

It’s a strange gesture, even for Carlson.

The odd clip came during a segment where Carlson was discussing that Democratic Senators Cory Booker from NJ and Elizabeth Warren from MA tested positive for COVID, despite their vaccine status.

Carlson’s complaints have ignored that vaccination so far has reduced severe cases of the disease and helps prevent people from being hospitalized.

Then he quotes a tweet from Rep. Swalwell where the congressman says:

“On a flight now to Bay Area and the unvaccinated people are allowed to fly one hundred percent batty. It’s dangerous in the cabin and we’re carrying the virus.”

“Requiring the vaccine to fly is the LESS we can do to stop the spread. “

It was here that Carlson took umbrage and claimed Swalwell’s suggestion was ridiculous.

On his show, Carlson said:

“Eric Swalwell, who is arguably the most physically unclean member of Congress, now imagines himself as a public health official with the power to make these decisions.”

Carlson continued, insinuating that Swalwell had multiple chlamydia infections and should disclose his medical records before passing health care legislation.

The irony being that it had nothing to do with the law. Swalwell tweeted in frustration, especially since the United States has a fairly low vaccination rate compared to other high-income countries.

But despite being a lawmaker, he hasn’t proposed a bill to do what he suggests, probably because he knows it’s a bad idea to codify something like that into law.

On top of all this, Carlson’s claims about Swalwell’s health apparently stem from no evidence. Carlson is just insinuating about the congressman on his program providing nothing to support him.

Some people online thought this was a bad idea for Carlson.

Tucker Carlson repeatedly targeted Rep Swalwell, causing the two to back and forth between the two. It culminated when a Carlson fan called and left a threatening voicemail message for the congressman.

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