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Lucknow: Even though reports of people going from pillar to post to obtain drugs Remdesivir and Fabiflu for corona patients have increased, scientists, citing multiple research and studies, are of the opinion that clinical outcomes may not change using fabiflu or remdesivir. In the case of Remdesivir, it has been stated in some reports that it may at best reduce hospital stay because these drugs are antiviral.
Instead, people should opt for steroids along with other prescribed combinations to save vital organs like the lungs, heart, brain, and kidneys. Citing reports, Professor Ramji Upadhyaya, an expert on infectious diseases, said that in the first wave the symptoms were different from that in this wave. Then the symptoms did not appear until after the fourth or fifth day and the progression of the disease worsened after the fifth to sixth day, but now if you are not careful on the first day, it could seriously affect the patient. Timing is very important, he said.
Rather than wait for the RT-PCR report, which takes three to four days, you should have CBP, CRP, LDH and D-dimer blood tests if you have even minor symptoms or are surrounded by limbs. positive family at home. Professor Ram, from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, said and added that reports of these tests would arrive in a few hours.
Medications like steroids and colchicine should be taken immediately at a calibrated dose if reports show increased protein and inflammation. He said that it has been seen that steroids have shown a great impact in saving vital organs if the same has been taken on time. Explaining further the reason for the rush, Professor Ram said that suppose the house caught fire, instead of going into the cause of the fire, we will try to put out the fire first.
Likewise, CBP and CRP will show the level of inflammation and if it is high the first thing to do is reduce the same and this can be done by giving steroids in a calibrated dose, the results showed. , Professor Ram, who is said to be the chief scientist of Ohm Oncology, United States.
Previously, the level of inflammation had increased after the fifth or sixth day, but now it is seen that the level has jumped a great deal even on the first day and therefore the treatment protocol should be changed, he said. . Therefore, the first day steroid is a better way to save the lives of corona patients, said Professor Ram and added that among the steroids, dexamethasone and prednisolone can be administered.
He added that high-resolution CT scans alone would not help identify the infection, as a shadow or spots in the lungs could be due to environmental concerns and the same could be misunderstood as the Corona effect. Citing a study from King’s College London, Professor Ram, who is also a professor at the Plasma Bioscience Research Center (PBRC) / Applied Medicine Research Center, Kwangwoon University, Seoul, South Korea, further stated that he performed a biopsy of the infected body. by Corona and found that the lungs have solidified due to blood clotting.
If the Corona infection reaches the lungs, an anticoagulant should be given along with steroids to prevent the lungs from solidifying due to the coronavirus. However, the anticoagulant should not be low molecular weight heparin, which can induce thrombocytopenia, which is more common in women, especially in those on any hormone replacement therapy or in the pre- menopause. The chances of clotting are greater in high-risk patients than in patients over 45, Professor Ram added.


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