The Health Unit managed 4,663 COVID cases and administered 272,540 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine

As part of the first Canadian Public Health Week, the local Health Unit revealed that 4,663 cases of COVID-19 have been taken care of since the start of the pandemic and that 272,540 doses of vaccine against COVID- 19 were administered.

The Health Unit serves more than 125,000 residents in the district made up of 31 municipalities, four unorganized areas and nine First Nations communities.

As hospitals treat sick people, public health creates policies and opportunities to prevent people from getting sick or hurting themselves. Public health is concerned not only with an individual’s personal health, but also with the underlying social conditions that affect a person’s health.

A HU press release states that “while much of the regular public health work is still being completed despite the pandemic, the pandemic has amplified many of the inequities faced by people in our district. In response, the public health has promoted campaigns to address priority areas such as housing and homelessness and food insecurity.

In 2021, the Health Unit‘s Sexual Health Clinic served 6,010 clients, in person or by phone, while receiving and responding to 346 reports of sexually transmitted or blood-borne infections, including chlamydia, gonorrhea , neonatal ophthalmia, syphilis, and HIV.

Throughout the 2020/2021 flu season, 4,967 vaccines were administered, helping to prevent the spread of influenza, an increase of 2,666 vaccines administered compared to the 2019/2020 flu season.

“While public health work is not always seen directly, it is seen through the health of our community,” says Dr. Jim Chirico, Medical Officer of Health.

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