The CDC and pandemic propaganda

Ryan Bomberger is the co-founder of The Radiance Foundation.

Ahhhh. Barnstable County, Massachusetts. For most Americans, this has no special meaning. But when the CDC strongly ‘recommended’ everyone to wear masks indoors based on what happened there this summer, shouldn’t we care what produced the response? from the federal agency to the pandemic?

CDC report begins: “In July 2021, 469 cases of COVID-19 associated with several summer events and large public gatherings in a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, have been identified among residents of Massachusetts.

The first thing that is strange is that the CDC never mentions the name of the city. This is Provincetown, considered the Mecca of homosexuals by tens of thousands of homosexual men and women. In fact, the city’s Chamber of Commerce confirms such a description, stating on its website: “LGBTQA + visitors are a major component of Provincetown’s tourism economy and continue to make Provincetown one of the top GLBT destinations in the world. world. “

From an epidemiological point of view, this does not make this city representative of the general population at all.

Never mentioned in the CDC report, the fact that “Bear Week” was the “summer event” at the center of the spread. “Bear Week” is celebrated by Provincetown Tourism as “the greatest gathering of bears [hairy and often overweight gay men] in the world “where” tens of thousands of people come to Provincetown during this [July] an event. ”The website proudly proclaims,“ You know what you’re getting yourself into when you attend. ”By go in, they signify a weeklong orgy among thousands of strangers.

But the CDC won’t tell you. Instead, the Centers for Disease Control nationwide is keeping it a secret by using the phrase “a town in Barnstable County” eight times in four pages. The mainstream media have generally refused to say so as well. CBS, for example, did a 6-minute segment and never mentions LGBT or homosexuality.

The “topical” article omits the curious fact that 87% of those infected in Provincetown were male and, of course, never reports the weeklong orgy. In the segment, Washington Post reporter Hannah Knowles makes the curious and laughable statement: “This is a story that had to be taken in context, and not everyone had the context. And some people saw the headlines that really changed the game. ” They do not have to bring the context.

Are not all the data about a global pandemic relevant? If the CDC is going to issue national “guidelines” requiring masks (which even the manufacturers say on the packaging: “do not protect infections or prevent the spread of disease”), shouldn’t we be on the hook? context ? How do you apply behavior in a decidedly skewed demographics to the general population whose behavior is unmistakably different from revelers looking for multiple sex partners (regardless of sexual orientation)? Sorry. Perhaps I should have used the CDC’s description: “adult male participants”.

But the CDC has long embraced a double standard in health, as many medical associations proudly exhibit today. The tragic abandonment of medical objectivity has been replaced by political subjectivity. Who benefits from the confusion of language, the denial of basic biology and the deflection of blame?

As a Christian, my heart breaks for those who are hurt by false news, false health, and the false dignity of the world. Love is love? It’s great marketing, but only God is Love. And this truth is much more enduring than a hashtag strewn with broken and co-opted rainbows. Love takes people out of their predicament. Poorly defined “love” keeps people where they are and pretends there are no circumstances.

Years ago, when I started researching and reporting on the STD epidemic in the United States, I quickly noticed the CDC’s capitulation on basic medical facts. The agency’s 2012 report on the exponential increase in STDs in gay men blamed the high rates of STDs on… homophobia.

So, in a society that has dramatically increased its acceptance of all things LGBTQ, are we supposed to believe that homophobia explains the increase in infection rates? Rates have also increased for heterosexuals, albeit in much lower numbers. Is it due to heterophobia? Or could it be personal behavior? As with critical race theory evangelists, someone else, some structure, some nebulous systemic evil is always to blame. Personal responsibility is anathema to those who defend poisonous political ideologies.

The CDC continues to promote the “homophobia” discourse today as STD rates skyrocket across the country and disproportionately among gay men. In 2019, gay men, although only 2% of the US male population, accounted for 57% of all syphilis cases in the United States. Gonorrhea rates were 42 times higher in gay men than straight men. But do not worry. The CDC provided coverage, saying: “However, the increase in reported gonorrhea rates among MSM (men who have sex with men) appears to have slowed in recent years.”

Slow down? The rates are still 42 times higher. The CDC goes on to make non-medical propaganda: “It is important to note that these disparities are unlikely to be explained by differences in sexual behavior. “

Oh. So the sexual activities we engage in have no impact on our health outcomes and the resulting demographic disparities? OKAY. It sounds very scientific. Why, then, does how we choose to behave around COVID matter? Like STDs, the (unmistakably politicized) coronavirus is highly transmissible. But it could not be our behavior that mitigates the spread. Taking precautions (realistic and evidence-based) may not prevent infections.

So how do you explain a COVID “epidemic” in Provincetown where 87% of those infected were men and 74% of the 469 reported cases were symptomatic and among those fully vaccinated?

The CDC states on its website that “when you kiss or have sex … you are physically close to another person, which can put you in contact with respiratory droplets or saliva that spread the COVID virus- 19 ”.

The real news is how the CDC missed a golden opportunity to promote its obscured online message of monogamy and to abstain from sex with multiple partners or strangers in order to minimize the risk of infection (which is a good advice during or outside of a pandemic). But that would be – what’s the word – factual. And we know how much the shame of facts circulates.

Obviously, they were practicing social distancing and practicing safe pandemic protocols in a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts (Insert eye roll).

Originally published at Radiance Foundation.

Ryan Bomberger is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Radiance Foundation. He is married to his best friend, Bethany, executive director of Radiance. They are adoptive parents with four awesome kids. Ryan is an Emmy Award-winning creative professional, factivist, international speaker and author of NOT EQUAL: CIVIL RIGHTS GONE WRONG. He likes to illuminate that every human life has a purpose.

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