The best photos of the smile of the Mona Lisa by Karine Staehle


When 90-day ex-fiancée Karine Staehle gives the camera a half-smile, she reminds some fans of Leonardo’s famous painting, Mona Lisa.

Old 90 day fiancé Star Karine Staehle looks like the famous Mona Lisa painting in some of her photos. The 25-year-old beauty might look peaceful in her photos, but she’s had an outrageous run on the show alongside Paul Staehle. The pair debuted on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days in 2017, and both were involved in multiple controversies. Some of their scandals are just fame and money making tactics. One such incident happened when they tried to sell their sons’ paternity tests on OnlyFans. It really rubbed a lot 90 day fiancé fans the wrong way.

Paul once disseminated his dirty laundry on social media, posting negative results from his STD test for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Karine has also been criticized for falsely accusing her husband of sexual assault and abuse. Paul and Karine aren’t the most beloved couple on the show, but Karine is trying to change her life. She is continuing her studies in the hope of building a better future for herself and her family.

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At the end of September 2021, Karine joined a cosmetology school and began posting photos of her class. In one of her posts, she pointed out that school is not easy and will remain difficult. However, she also said she loved attending the classes. Despite Karine’s scandalous behavior, some fans leave positive messages to motivate and support her.

Karine’s charming half-smile

Fans love to see the good side of Karine, and some think she looks like Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa painting in some of her social media photos. A good example is this picture, where her half-smile is surprisingly similar to the subject of the painting, Madame Lisa. She looks a lot like Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, with her hair parted in the middle and a mysterious look on her face. In the photo, the TLC star wears a mock neck sweater and looks happy and content. Numerous 90 day fiancé fans appreciated Karine’s natural look in the photo. One fan wrote: “You can still achieve your goals Karine !!! Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back !!Another social media user commented: “Wow you are superb Karine!

Karine’s captivating gaze

Here’s another photo that shows Karine looking like Madame Lisa in Leonardo’s famous painting. Her facial expression, eyes and smile are very similar to the woman in the masterpiece. In this photo, Karine wears hair parted in the middle and she left her blue hair loose, just like the woman in the painting. Many fans loved Karine’s charming look and confident half-smile. One fan congratulated her, writing: “Beauty is her name.“Other fans commented”So beautiful always,” and, “The prettiest from 90 days.

With Karine’s ongoing cosmetology studies, she can do a complete Mona Lisa makeover to surprise 90 day fiancé Fans. All she has to do is wear a vintage dress in basic black, color her hair a darker shade and pose like she so often does. Paul can help his wife with proper lighting and camera setup. Maybe Karine’s Mona Lisa makeover could be an uncontroversial way to get more attention from 90 day fiancé Fans.

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