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To simply take a DNA or Covid test, patients may need doctor’s notes, go from clinic to clinic, and pay hundreds of dollars to possibly get an answer.

Tampa entrepreneur Carlos Roldan has developed lab kits and an app that are democratizing health testing.

His company, 24-7 Labs, which has offices and a lab in Tampa, makes testing accessible to those who want private and affordable health testing.

“There is so much hassle trying to get tested. It’s very inconvenient to go through multiple doctors and clinics to order a simple test,” Roldan, CEO and Founder, said of his motivation to start the startup, adding how many people are uninsured and can’t get themselves. afford the cost of clinic visits.

“My family members have always been entrepreneurs and doctors in my country of origin, Colombia, and I consulted them. I have also done extensive research with the AHCA [Agency for Health Care Administration] and CMS [ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services] to make sure what I wanted to do was within the regulations,” he said.

Before starting his medical work, Roldan was a salesman and lived in New York.

The startup does lab work for DNA testing, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), Covid, allergies, and diabetes, as well as heart tests and blood work.

24-7 Labs’ Covid-19 PCR tests began rolling out in mid-2021, authorized by the federal government to expedite the urgent need for testing during the pandemic.

However, Roldan said the STD tests really spurred the startup’s growth.

“For the home STD test, we had to register it for federal approval because we are sending a real medical device. It really turned out to be a game-changer, people can skip the lines at the clinic and get tested at home, and we provide (initial) medication at no cost,” he said. .

The kits are available for purchase directly on the website and on Amazon. Once the test has been received by the laboratory, the person will receive a final report within two days.

For example, if someone is diagnosed with chlamydia, the patient will receive a medication consent form indicating the pharmacy where they wish to pick up the medication. If the person needs refills, they can create an account with 24-7 labs.

Roldan said the information is not shared with insurers.

He founded the company several years ago, but it wasn’t until 2018 that it really started to take off. He aims to add more testing solutions for thyroid disease and wants to work with Planned Parenthood.

The company has an office in New Port Richey, one in Temple Terrace and a third on Memorial Highway. The lab is based in Oldsmar.

24-7 Labs has a team of seven members, Roldan said, more than half of whom are professional medical staff.

Roldan is currently looking to raise $500,000 to $1 million in a seed round that would help the company move into its next phase.

“I’ve been alone on this journey and I’ve always loved the idea of ​​having a partner to not only invest in this project, but to shoulder some of the weight and responsibility,” he said. , stating that it was also open to institutional investors.

While the current business model is business-to-consumer, Roldan said he wants to pursue the distribution side – where companies can buy his kits in bulk.

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