Sunrise host Mark Beretta announces 50th breakthrough in Tour de Cure contre le cancer


Sunrise star Mark Beretta shared “very good” news with viewers on Monday.

The sports presenter announced that the money raised by Cure Tower, the charity he has worked closely with for years, has funded a 50th breakthrough in cancer research.

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A grant awarded to Professor Christine Hawkins of La Trobe University helped the researcher decipher an important piece of the cancer puzzle.

Mark Beretta has been a Tour de Cure ambassador for over a decade. Credit: Provided

Professor Hawkins discovered that the anti-cancer drug Smac mimetics could be used to treat the most common type of bone cancer.

Called osteosarcoma, the disease is commonly diagnosed in adolescents and is fatal for more than a third of patients, and for most of those whose cancer has spread to other parts of their body.

Hawkins’ research has identified that Smac mimetics are more effective in treating osteosarcoma in mice than the best chemotherapy drugs currently in use.

Further trials will now be undertaken in the hopes that the drug could help humans diagnosed with the deadly cancer.

“Finding a new drug that might actually show promise for patients is so exciting,” Hawkins said.

Professor Christine Hawkins made a major breakthrough with funding from the Tour de Cure.
Professor Christine Hawkins made a major breakthrough with funding from the Tour de Cure. Credit: Sunrise

Beretta, who takes part in an annual bike ride to raise funds for the Tour de Cure, beamed as she delivered the exciting news from Sunrise.

“The grueling rides, the rides, the fundraising, that’s what it’s for,” he said.

“Each breakthrough brings us closer to our goals of curing cancer and changing lives, so the 50th anniversary is an incredible achievement. “

560 projects have now shared in $ 70 million in funding from Tour de Cure. To find out more or make a donation, Click here.

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