SD Times News Digest: Contrast Security Announces Partnership with GitHub; MariaDB goes public; Swift and C++ Interoperability Working Group

Contrast Security has announced a partnership with GitHub. This comes with the availability of Contrast Security’s GitHub action suite that simplifies the process for developers to deliver code without security flaws.

Contrast’s GitHub Actions include four features that help integrate security into existing value streams. These actions include

These actions are now available with support for Java applications. Additional language support is currently in development, including GitHub Actions for .NET and JavaScript apps.

MariaDB goes public

MariaDB, the open source database software organization, recently announced that it will become a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in partnership with NYSE-listed Angel Pond Holdings Corporation. This transaction involves a pro forma enterprise value of approximately $672 million.

Following the closing of the transaction, the combined company will be known as MariaDB plc and will be led by Michael Howard, CEO of MariaDB. “I am thrilled that a public investor base and better access to capital will allow us to accelerate bringing our technology to market which has already been battle tested and proven to be market ready,” said Howard. .

For more information, visit here.

Swift and C++ Interoperability Working Group

The Swift team just announced that the Swift compiler is now able to import and use multiple C++ APIs. These APIs include standard C++ library types such as std::string and std::vector. With that, Swift and C++ unveiled their interoperability working group under the Swift project.

The working group is intended to provide the framework for interested users to refine the goals and design of the interoperability layer. The working group will also maintain an ongoing discussion of Swift compiler changes related to the implementation of interoperability support.

To find out more, see here.

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