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Pune: The government and private schools in both urban and rural areas of the district are ensuring optimal medical assistance to students and staff for any emergency or health issue when schools reopen on Monday.
In urban areas, schools will start for Stds VIII to XII, and in rural areas, schools will start for Stds V and above. Authorities ensure that basic medical infrastructure is organized by liaising with nearby hospitals, setting up a small control room, collaborating with laboratories for testing, and other steps in this process. type.
The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) education council has also notified all of its schools to ensure that the thermal scanner for temperature checks, oximeter and a doctor on call are arranged before Monday.
PMC Education Officer Meenakshi Raut said: “We are fully prepared to reopen the schools. We have 265 schools and instructions have been given to all schools to make all medical arrangements on campus and also to notify the nearest hospital in the event of an emergency.
Some schools have set up a separate room with a doctor on campus for the duration of the course. Vaishali Nadkarni, principal of a private school in Kharadi, said they have an experienced doctor appointed for four hours a day when the school is operating.
“We have appointed two doctors who will come every other day. The drug requirements as well as a larger arrangement in a private hospital have already been made. We also informed the parents of these arrangements and gave them the confidence to run the school without any worries, ”she said.
Another school principal, Seema Joshi, said: “We already had a medicine room at the school, but now we have expanded it and appointed a senior nurse for immediate consultation and diagnosis in the event of a problem. emergency. Students will be checked daily for temperature and other symptoms. We will also be holding small sessions among the students on how to recognize symptoms and report them to the medical room. School principal Sudhir Mahadeo said the school has purchased antigen testing kits which will be used by trained medical staff whenever needed.
“We also kept these kits ready. In the event of symptoms, students will be tested for immediate results and an isolation decision, if necessary. ”


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