SC Doctors May Use ‘Accelerated Partner Therapy’ to Slow the Spread of Treatable STDs


COLOMBIA, South Carolina (WSPA) – A recent CDC report shows South Carolina ranks fourth in infection rates for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

To help reduce the spread of these treatable sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), doctors in South Carolina have yet another tool at their disposal.

This is called “accelerated partner therapy”.

Earlier this year, the South Carolina Board of Forensic Pathologists released a position statement that allows “accelerated partner therapy” to be practiced in the state.

The practice was legal in South Carolina until 2013. Then the board repealed the policy due to the need to establish a doctor-patient relationship as a prerequisite for prescribing drugs.

Dr. Katee Wyant, OB / GYN resident, says giving South Carolina doctors the ability to do this is a good thing: again. “

“Accelerated Partner Therapy” is recommended by the CDC to help slow the spread of these STDs. This is the clinical practice of treating the sexual partner (s) of a patient diagnosed with chlamydia or gonorrhea without them having to set foot in the doctor’s office.

Doctors in South Carolina can now provide prescriptions for a patient to give to his or her partner (s). The partner can fill the prescription and start treatment. Doctors recommend getting tested or following up with their doctor. Dr Wyant said, “We know that even if you got it from someone else, you can still pass it on to them. The idea is to hopefully stop or slow the spread of these diseases. “

According to Dr. Wyant, they have seen patients unaware they had these diseases until they were detected during their pregnancy. “This is something that could potentially affect your future and that of your child. It’s a very serious thing, ”she said.

To read the position of the State Board of Forensic Pathologists, click or tap here.

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