Review of the PopSocket OtterBox case for iPhone 13


It’s time to take a closer look at the PopSocket OtterBox Case for iPhone 13, or the Pro Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Antimicrobial Case, as it’s officially known. OtterBox has been a staple in the iPhone protection industry for many years, not to mention a mainstay of our annual roundup of the best cases, so it’s time to see what its latest iPhone 13 case with PopSocket has in it. store. Head over below for our review of the OtterBox iPhone 13 PopSocket case in the latest entry in the Tested with 9to5Toys series.

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Review of the PopSocket OtterBox case for iPhone 13

The OtterBox PopSocket Case for iPhone 13 has a built-in PopSocket handle that snaps into and out of the back of the case. And you can just close it flat, “press and turn to swap the PopTop” when you’re ready for a new one. Otherwise, you are looking at a Pro Otter Symmetry Series case made with 50% recycled material and DROP + technology that can handle “3 times more drops than military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)”, next to the bezel Usual elevation surrounding the front screen and rear camera array.

The case is available in black, Digitone Graphic (black / white / multicolor), Tranquil Waters (blue) and the Day Trip Graphic (green / blue / purple) featured in this review.

There’s no MagSafe mount here, and you’ll have to remove the Pop-Grip on the back to use Qi-based wireless charging, but that’s to be expected for a case with an extra handle hanging from the back. back of their cases. Although it may lack MagSafe, the case is compatible with “PopSockets PopTop, PopSockets Car Vent Mount and PopSockets Multi-Surface Mount”.

From there, the OtterBox iPhone 13 PopSocket case also includes a silver-based antimicrobial additive “which helps inhibit microbial growth and protects the exterior of the case from many common bacteria.”

Here is a closer look at the technical sheet:

  • DROP + | 3 times more drops than military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)
  • The housing is infused with a silver based additive which continually blocks microbial growth
  • Durable antimicrobial technology helps protect the exterior of the case from many common bacteria *
  • Made with 50% recycled plastic **
  • PopSockets PopGrip is integrated into the holster for a slim look that fits easily in pockets
  • PopTop designs are easy to change – just lay flat, press and turn to swap out the PopTop
  • Compatible with wireless charging (it may be necessary to remove PopTop)

Taking 9to5Toys

Personally, I’m not looking for a PopSocket or a case with a built-in one, but the OtterBox iPhone 13 PopSocket case has been an overall positive experience anyway. It certainly adds some extra grip to the iPhone 13 experience, but having to forgo MagSafe gear and the challenges of wireless charging means this case just isn’t worth it for me. personally.

That said, for people who want that PopSocket on the back, and you probably do if you’re reading this, the OtterBox iPhone 13 PopSocket case is the best option I’ve ever known. You don’t need to deal with that annoying 3M-type adhesive when you just stick the PopGrip to another case and can remove and replace it cleanly as needed. Plus, you get a high-quality case made by OtterBox to go with it.

Putting the phone in and out of the case is extremely comfortable – it took me a second to even be confident enough to get it stuck in there lest a button be broken on my iPhone 13. But once that I got over that and just pushed in it was fine and resulted in a particularly tight-fitting blanket.

Ultimately, the OtterBox iPhone 13 PopSocket case seems like one of the best options for people looking for the PopGrip experience. It’s definitely more expensive than buying a budget case from Amazon and sticking a PopGrip on it, but you also get OtterBox quality and drop protection. I would recommend waiting for a sale (like the one that’s going on right now!), But you get what you pay for here anyway. This is a high quality iPhone 13 case that offers some peace of mind in case you drop it with a built-in PopGrip that you can remove and replace as you see fit, not to mention the antimicrobial treatment.

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