Reported STD cases drop dramatically during pandemic in SJ County

The pandemic has seen a 25% to 38% drop in sexually transmitted diseases in San Joaquin County.

Many other reportable diseases, such as pertussis and tuberculosis, saw declines in 2020 from 2019 levels.

None, however, have been as marked as the drop in reported STD cases.

San Joaquin Public Health Department reported chlamydia cases rising from 4,803 in 2019 to 3,828 in 2020, gonorrhea cases rising from 1,708 to 1,055, chronic hepatitis C cases rising from 1,269 to 970 and syphilis from 225 to 166.

County health officials say this may represent an actual decrease in the number of cases due to people staying home and being careful during the pandemic or it could reflect a decrease in the number of people seeking medical attention. during the pandemic.

Regardless, outside of COVID-19 reports, STDs accounted for over 85% of all reported illnesses in 2020.

Overall, there was an almost 500% increase (11,824 additional reports) in 2020 of illnesses over 2010 levels that by law must be reported once a healthcare professional detected them in patients. The majority of the 58,347 reports were COVID-19 cases numbering 49,180.

Rise in COVID cases

trigger bank closures

A rise in COVID-19 cases has forced the temporary closure of some businesses, including banks, and forced some concerns such as restaurants to operate with shorter hours.

Bank of the West branches were temporarily closed Friday in Manteca, Tracy, Stockton and other area locations after employees who tested positive for COVID-19 created a staff shortage. A number of small businesses are in the same position. This is particularly the case for independent restaurants.

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