Q-Tech’s 3-point mount crystal oscillators deliver industry-leading performance in non-space applications

Q-Tech QTCC353 XO 3-Point Clamp

Ultra-flat 3-point mount SMDs offer mechanical and frequency stability over peak temperature, better vibration and shock tolerance than MEMS

Our QTCC353 series has been specifically designed to outperform MEMS devices in non-space critical applications”

— Scott Sentz, Director of Sales and Marketing, Q-Tech.

CYPRESS, CA, USA, July 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Q-Tech Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of crystal oscillators for space, military, avionics and high-temperature applications, introduces the QTCC353 series of Miniature SMD crystal oscillators designed to provide superior performance to MEMS devices in a wide range of military, communications, instrumentation and non-space avionics applications. Their unique 3-point XO mounting and miniature low-profile package (3.2 x 5 x 1.2 mm) provide the industry’s best combination of footprint/headroom, mechanical stability, and electrical performance.
Targeted applications for the QTCC353 series include:
• Military – Munitions and gun-launched systems and smart munitions, COTS systems
• Avionics – Navigation, instrumentation
• Data communications – Ethernet/SynchE, SONET, Fiber Channel
• Microprocessor clock – Instrumentation, TELECOM
The QTCC353 series is offered with HCMOS or LVPECL/LVDS logic outputs and a selection of DC input voltages. Their frequency range is selectable from 25,000 MHz to 250,000 MHz with an available frequency stability of ±25 ppm from -40°C to 85°C. The devices, housed in a hermetically sealed ceramic enclosure with gold contacts, are tested to MIL-STD-202 compliance for vibration (Method 204.D) and shock (Method 213.I).
“Our QTCC353 series has been specifically designed to outperform MEMS devices in mission-critical non-space applications,” said Scott Sentz, Director of Sales and Marketing, Q-Tech. “Utilizing 3-point mounting and Q-Tech’s proven XO manufacturing technology, these devices offer an exceptional solution in a wide range of applications that require a miniature footprint and high reliability.”

Scott Sentz
Q-Tech Corporation
+1 310-836-7900
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