Phenomenal Hope Charity Team Holds Busy Program for Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month


Awareness Month is an opportunity for everyone to do their part for earlier diagnosis, better treatment and recovery.

November is Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) Month, and the nonprofit Team Phenomenal Hope is hosting a month-long celebration of activities aimed at amplifying awareness and promoting well-being beyond the pandemic.

PH is a rare disease that causes high blood pressure in the arteries in the lungs, putting unnecessary stress on the heart and then on the lungs. Currently, there is no cure and eventually it can be fatal. One of the most aggressive symptoms of the disease is shortness of breath, which prevents patients from doing ordinary things, such as climbing stairs, without running out of breath and exhausting themselves.

In an effort to encourage holistic wellness in this ‘new normal’ that the pandemic has forced on society while cultivating widespread awareness and involvement, the PH team has put together a month-long program that embodies its new campaign, “Living Well Now and Beyond. “

The schedule includes education and support sessions, as well as exercise and fundraising opportunities. From virtual pulmonary rehabilitation sessions to medical round tables via Zoom, there is something for everyone. Some of the presenters for the month’s activities include public health experts from the United States including Dr Noah Greenspan from the Pulmonary Wellness Clinic, Dr Jean Elwing from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and Dr Wendy Chung from Columbia University. Medical Center. .

PH Team Executive Director Linda Appleby said, “Awareness Month is an opportunity for everyone to do their part to work for earlier diagnosis, better treatment and a cure. With the past year and a half forcing us to change the way we move the world, we want to encourage our community to embrace this new normal while making sure their care is the number one priority. “

Team PH Awareness Month activities are supported by Team PH’s industrial sponsors: Janssen, CVS Specialty, Bayer, Altavant, Acceleron and United Therapeutics.

To see the full schedule of PH Team November events, visit Donate to support the patient-centered work of the PH team at

While the organization started out as an ultra-endurance team and fundraising program, it has grown to offer programs and services to support the PH community. The mission of the PH team is to fund medical research into improved treatments or a cure for those suffering from PH, and to implement programs and services that remove patients from isolation, build community and give hope. Visit to learn more about the PH team.

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