Paul reveals STD test results after fighting with Karine



Paul showed his STD results and shared that Karine called the cops on him again. He also revealed that his wife had given up on her dream career.

Old 90 day fiancé Star Paul Staehle shocked fans by sharing an STD test report on Instagram. He also revealed that Karine Staehle had called the cops against him and that he didn’t deserve that. Paul and Karine are one of the most problematic couples in the 90 day fiancé franchise. Paul, from Kentucky, fell in love with Brazilian bombshell Karine online after deciding to date someone outside of his country. Even though the couple struggled with the language barrier, they were married in 2017 in Brazil. Paul then accused Karine of cheating when she got pregnant with their first baby.

Paul wanted to be present when his baby was born, but he also wanted to test his son’s DNA. He disrespected Karine in front of the entire cast during this season’s Tell-All. Finally, the 90 day fiancé The couple left and welcomed their first son, Pierre. However, their problems weren’t over yet. Karine falsified the domestic violence and sexual assault charges against Paul and moved to Brazil with her son. Paul joined his family and the couple were doing very well again while living together closer to Karine’s family in Brazil.

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They also welcomed their second son, Ethan, in February 2021. In May, the duo returned to the United States. Over the past few months, Karine and Paul have shared many happy photos together on social media. However, now it looks like they are having problems. the 90 day fiancé celebrity Karine gave up her dream career to become a cosmetologist. She probably made this decision after arguing with her husband. Paul is also disheartened because, after everything he’s done for his wife, she called the cops on him. He was also tested for sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia and gonorrhea), which came back negative.

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Paul is grateful to his mother who welcomed him and his sons into her home. Many 90 day fiancé viewers were shocked to see Paul’s Instagram stories. However, others believe that the couple is not meant for each other and that they will never stop fighting. One fan said (via @ 90dayfiancenow), “They are really exhausting. divorce already.“Another fan said:”Their relationship gives me a boost.“Someone else stepped in,”Neither should have children, but they keep going back so the cycle repeats. “

The dad of two, Paul, ordered this test on July 29 and recently got the results. It is not known why he felt the need to share his results on social media. The 38-year-old star may want to declare that he didn’t cheat on Karine, but maybe she did. Earlier, Paul had his STD when he accused Karine of cheating. He claimed that his wife had slept with someone else and that she may have transmitted sexually transmitted diseases to him. When the couple recently moved to America, many 90 day fiancé viewers felt like they might not have a happy ending because Karine might miss her friends and family which would put a strain on their relationship.

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Source: Paul Staehle, @ 90dayfiancenow

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