Overcoming Diabetes, Rock Island’s Gustafson advocates for a cure while excelling on the court | High school volleyball – QCVarsity.com

That’s an impressive choice of words considering Gustafson’s condition. Most athletes drink sports drinks or water when physically exhausted from competition, but Gustafson’s drink of choice is Sprite. She keeps it on her at all times as she says it’s a great way to increase blood sugar levels while exercising.

“It’s a running joke with a lot of my teammates that I’m sponsored,” said Gustafson. “Technology has become my best friend. I have a continuous glucose monitor, which monitors my blood sugar 24/7. And with those two, I’m able to tell when I need my Sprite when my blood sugar is getting too low. Usually when I play I like to keep (my blood sugar level) between 150 and 200, so there is leeway if it were to start dropping.

But luckily for Gustafson, she’s not the only one who can monitor her blood sugar. Technology has made it possible for his parents, who attend every game, to monitor his levels from their phones. Rachel Gustafson, Grace’s mother, makes sure to take advantage of this opportunity, even if it adds a little more stress than there is already to watching her child play sports.

“There were games where it started to drop really quickly and we were like, ‘Please note. Call a timeout. Take a minute, ”said Rachel Gustafson. “When you see her diving in and doing all that, she does it with a pump attached to her. It’s just trying for us. I don’t think she’s feeling nervous about it because she’s confident in her abilities, of course. But for us on the sidelines, it is. “

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