My Zeiss DriveSafe driving goals: review


With these lenses I have found that the glare is much less and the vision is crisp and crystal clear.

Thirdmainroad BHPian recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I must have worn glasses since they first tested my eyes – when I was in 5th std, in 1995. I still remember the acute discomfort when I received my first pair of glasses. glasses – then the first feeling of “Holy, is this what I missed seeing all this time ?!” once I got used to wearing them.

Started with around -1.25 and now, late 2021 – around minus 1.5 and minus 1.75 cylindrical.

Always been a brat – and notorious for breaking spec; if the glasses were glass i would break them in a few days, if they were plastic i would scratch them beyond sight in a few weeks.

But as I got older I learned to be more careful and always preferred glass lenses over plastic – because they were much clearer, at least back then.

It was around 2010 that I could afford to wear more expensive glasses – with the confidence that I wouldn’t break them in no time – but I would still stick with cheap glass lenses. It was in 2015 that I was forced to buy expensive plastic glasses – Essilor – I thought it was a waste of money before, but once I wore them – I thought to myself “Is have I missed all those colors all this time? ” Each color was much more vibrant and so much more colorful. It was almost like when I first wore glasses – and I was wondering WOOSH – what a world of sight there is!

Anyway, ever since I told the optician that I drive a lot – and I drive a LOT, because that’s what I’m here on earth for – to drive – and so I drive – he suggested I buy the Essidrive lenses – which I thought It would be a waste of money and avoided it a bit, but in 2017 I paired the Essidrive with the Essilor Photochromic Signature lenses 5. Again, it was a whole new beautiful world. Brighter colors – and the driving – quite easy – I would experience less eye strain on the freeways and everything was fine and God was kind. Except that I would continue to scratch my lenses very often and in about 8 months to a year I would have to buy new ones even if my eyesight had not deteriorated enough to warrant a lens change. This was always the case with Essilor lenses, as I had seen the best in them and the Essidrive coating was pretty good. Those damn things were pretty expensive – it would cost me about $ 15,000 – but hey, what $ 15,000 a year to have sight? What I realized was that the Essdrive coating is prone to scratches and I would have many scratches.

I last changed my lenses in Jan 2021, but I sat on my regular spec pair the other day – which I hadn’t really done in a while – so it was up to me to get me a new pair.

When I checked in with my optician – I am now one of his favorite customers – I was dismayed to learn that even though Essilor had upgraded the photochromics to Signature 8, it was going to be difficult to get the coating. Essidrive on simple visions – because apparently there weren’t enough customers for them! I was in shock and dismay – I couldn’t drive as comfortably as I used to be – all because of the stupid people here not realizing how good the Essidrive coating was while driving and didn’t want to spend. the extra dollars!

BUT – the optician said, Zeiss had a driving lens for single vision lenses but I was now an Essilor fanboy. I had never seen sharper, more vibrant colors. But again, my only purpose here on earth is to love animals and to drive. I did a quick google search on Essilor Essidrive VS Zeiss DriveSafe and the results were all pro Essilor and how Zeiss sucked and blah, blah. I stayed depressed. Sad. Only.

But then I thought – you know what – Google and the internet didn’t work all the time – and Zeiss is good at precision lenses, so why not give it a try.

And I did.

You have photochromic Zeiss with DriveSafe coating.

And again, I was absolutely stunned. All the colors were now a little more vivid. Details better.

Then I started to drive. The lenses are just – Oh my God! Clarity is just woosh. Focusing on objects far and near is so much better.

Then came darkness. And with that, the – what can I say – the demons that don’t know there’s a low beam – these are the people that I regularly pull out of my car on a city street and try. to reason – whether in reverse or behind – “Why do you need high beams in town?”

But with these new lenses – the Zeiss DriveSafe – my God, I could actually look right into the high beams and – it was just different – the glare was SO MUCH less, but everything was so crisp and crystal clear.

Guys – if you drive and wear specs – Go Zeiss – Go DriveSafe. They are just Super Duper.

They are, in my opinion, the Michelin of eyewear! (Why will I never drive with a tire other than Michelin)

Here is what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say about it:

Haha. Connect with every word, mate. I have -0.75 cylindrical and got my first pair of basic glasses in 2009. In 2011 I switched to Crizal lenses. It was like going from basic cable to HD! After college I stopped wearing glasses every day, I was able to maintain my vision at this level with regular eye exercises. But I got myself a really good pair of powered sunglasses, for driving of course. The optician suggested Essilor Experio lenses, with the greenish black tint. Dude, if Crizal was in HD, Experio is in 4K on OLED! I have sworn by Experio ever since, and have had 3 pairs in the past decade. My optician always says these are the best glasses for me.

Moral of the story: Always spend the extra money on top quality lenses. Is it worth it.

Suggestions welcome for better lenses.

Here is what BHPian shancz had to say about it:

Thanks for a very useful thread.

Do they have a Polaroid filter? Noob here but asking because I experienced the same with my Polaroid sunglasses but during the day and understood that the bluish globe visible on the windshield of the oncoming car was actually the sun .

Here is what BHPian ike had to say about it:

I have been using Drive Safe for a year now. I didn’t feel any difference until I had to drive with my spare pair of glasses at night. Drivesafes are just awesome and once you get used to them it’s very hard to go back to anything inferior.

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