More Angelenos are now eligible for Monkeypox vaccines

Although the offer is still limited, eligible adults can add to the waiting list on the Public Health website. They will receive a text message or a phone call when it is their turn.

With a growing number of probable or confirmed cases of monkeypox, Los Angeles County health officials are expanding who is eligible for the limited number of vaccines they currently have.

Expanded criteria now include more high-risk groups, including adult men who have sex with men, who have recently had anonymous sex, or who have been diagnosed with gonorrhea or syphilis in the past year .

Los Angeles County Chief Medical Officer Rita Singhal said the outbreak was growing rapidly.

“There have been 120 cases of monkeypox identified in LA County. This is more than double when we reported 54 cases just eleven days ago,” she told a news conference on Tuesday.

People who tested positive for monkeypox and their close contacts were already eligible for vaccines.

Earlier this month, the Biden administration rolled out a national monkeypox vaccination strategy, saying it would send hundreds of thousands of vaccines to outbreak areas from the national strategic stockpile. LA County has received 9,800 doses in the past two weeks. As the distribution slowly ramps up, county public health department officials say they will expand the number of people who can receive the vaccine.

How to Get a Monkeypox Vaccine in Los Angeles

Call your doctor and ask if he has the monkeypox vaccine. If they don’t have the vaccine and you meet the eligibility requirements, have your doctor complete a Monkeypox Provider Certification Form and bring it to an LA Public Monkeypox Vaccination Site. Health.

You can also certify that you are eligible by completing a form on LA Public Health‘s online portal. You will receive a call or text when it is your turn to get vaccinated.

You can also go to an LA Public Health monkeypox vaccination location if you have the proper documentation. Bring your photo ID and one of the following:

  1. A lab report proving gonorrhea or early syphilis infection within the past 12 months (may be a screenshot or a patient portal displayed on your phone)
  2. Bring a monkeypox provider attestation form completed by your doctor stating that you are eligible for a vaccine. It can be a digital copy, but it requires a doctor’s signature.
  3. A text message with your name from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department urging you to get vaccinated.

Monkeypox is caused by a member of the same virus family as smallpox. Although this version of monkeypox is not usually fatal, it can cause unpleasant illness that lasts for several weeks. Typically, people have a fever, muscle aches, and then a rash on the face, mouth, hands, and possibly the genitals.
Health officials recommend avoiding close physical contact — sexual and non-sexual — with people showing symptoms of illness, sores or rashes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting at least 267 confirmed cases in California so far.

At national scale, 2,108 cases have been confirmed in nearly every stateas well as Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

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