Monkeypox isn’t just sexually transmitted, more than 30 children test positive in the US

Monkeypox has spread to over 80 countries around the world. More than 30 children in the United States have tested positive for monkeypox in the latest development on the disease.

Cases of monkeypox in children: In the United States, more than 30 children have tested positive for monkeypox. U.S. officials briefed ABC News that 11 US states and jurisdictions have reported cases of monkeypox in children. 9 pediatric cases have been reported in Texas alone.

The CDC has also warned that children younger than 8 are more likely to develop serious illness from monkeypox.

Monkeypox can cause serious illness in children. Photo: Getty Images

Monkeypox is not (just) an STD: The Texas Department of Health has now said the disease can also be spread through non-sexual contact.

While initially monkeypox was linked to sexual activity in men, it is not just an STD.

Monkeypox is spread via sexual activities; but it is a half-truth.

Monkeypox can also be spread through other activities. These include close, personal, or any type of skin-to-skin contact, which can result in the transfer of infected fluids.

Hugs, kisses, prolonged face-to-face contact, and contact with fabrics and surfaces used by someone with monkeypox can also spread the disease.

How is monkeypox spread in children? According to the World Health Organization, children can also be infected with monkeypox if they have had close contact with an infected person. Children are also more prone to a severe form of the disease. Usually, children are exposed to the virus by parents, caregivers and family members.

What are the symptoms in children? Symptoms of monkeypox in children can easily be misunderstood. The symptoms are very similar to those of chickenpox and other viral infections. Therefore, if you notice symptoms of monkeypox in your children, seek medical attention. A test can help clarify the type of infection.

Skin rashes are a common symptom of monkeypox in both children and adults

Symptoms of monkeypox in children are similar to those in adults; which include headache, fever, back pain, muscle aches and lack of energy. After a week or two, the infected person develops rashes, which lead to pustules. The disease lasts 2 to 4 weeks.

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