Married people reveal how they caught their partner’s affair



“My ex-husband – right after we got married – asked his best friend to move in with us. I said okay, he’s a cool guy. Then he wanted to fuck him and begged me to ‘being in an open relationship then we could have a threesome. I was hesitant but wanted to support him and his interests. It turned out the friend was NOT in it but was in me – so he demanded that he and I keep doing things. My ex-husband shrugged and said he didn’t care because he was already seeing other men. I had no idea he had used Grindr. “

“Fast forward to the next year, I told him I wanted to focus on our marriage and wanted the open thing to end. He threatened me with divorce. So I said shit and j continued to see his friend, who made me very happy when we got together.

The three of us changed states, and it turned out that my ex-husband had slept with an HIV-positive person without telling me. He also continued to gaslight me and completely demolish me for whatever I was doing.

I ended up filing for divorce and he told his friends and family that I had cheated on him. He slipped $ 20,000 from our joint bank account and left, then at the divorce hearing tried to get me back. Since then, I have been happily married to her ex-best friend for two years, and we have two children. It was difficult for us to come to terms with the way he treated us, but we helped each other through it. I still don’t think I cheated since he forced me to. “—Kittenaerobics


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