Man ‘freaks out’ after sending STI results instead of cover letter in ‘Dream Job’ app

A man ‘freaked out’ after submitting his STI results instead of his cover letter in an application for his ‘dream job’. Watch him recount the mortifying gaffe here:

Jacques Paul, from Haringey, London, had been looking for a job for about 18 months when finally an exciting opportunity presented itself in a digital marketing role at a large consultancy firm.

The 27-year-old duly spent hours filling in the application form and looking his best – but it was only after hitting submit that he realized he had done a crucial error.

“You get an email confirming your application and you’re asked to log in to see the status, which I did,” he recalls.

“I wanted to make sure everything was fine. Then I saw the PDF of the STD results and freaked out.”

Jacques had wanted to attach his cover letter, but instead shared the results of his sexual health exam. Oh dear.

He messed up. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

On the plus side, his results were negative, so if he had applied for a porn star role, the attachment might have helped his case. But with a role in digital marketing, not so much.

Jacques worries that the employer didn’t even know it was a mistake, assuming instead that he thought, “Here’s another good thing about me – I don’t have a STD”.

The bullshit happened about a year and a half ago and he was rejected within three days of his application.

He said: “I’ve put a lot of time and thought into applying for this. You need to make sure your CV is on point.

“You write the cover letter, I reread everything and then screwed up at the end by uploading the wrong thing.

“I couldn’t edit the app and the only email that was [on the website] was IT support. I wasn’t going to make this a bigger deal than it already was.

“I freaked out and just waited hoping there was a very nice, sensible human on the other side who saw it and knew it was an honest mistake and would ask for the cover letter .

“But that obviously didn’t happen. Within 72 hours I got a standard message saying they weren’t pursuing the claim.”

He is now able to see the fun side of the accident, having since landed a new job, and he decided to share his story on TikTok in an effort to de-stigmatize sexual health and the importance of getting tested.

He hopes his story will encourage others to get tested.  Credit: Kennedy News and Media
He hopes his story will encourage others to get tested. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

“It was awful then, but it’s a funny story now,” he said.

“The reason I decided to share this is because it’s a fun story, but it’s really important to de-stigmatize sexual health and really get people to test themselves, to take care of themselves. and that it is not such a taboo.

“It starts a conversation. A million people have seen me talk about sexual health.”

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