Lymphoma Research Foundation to Honor Lymphoma Leaders at 2021 Annual Gala on September 30


“We are delighted to recognize the significant impact our award winners have had in advancing lymphoma research and improving patient care through their partnerships with the Foundation.

The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) – the largest nonprofit in the country dedicated to funding innovative lymphoma research and serving the lymphoma community through education programs, outreach initiatives and patient services – caps his 25th anniversary with a special virtual Gala on Thursday September 30.

Held during Blood Cancer Awareness Month, the Finding Cures Starts Here Annual Gala 2021 will bring together leaders from across the lymphoma community, including healthcare professionals, cancer researchers, business partners, lymphoma survivors and supporters, to raise vital funds to support LRF’s mission to eradicate lymphoma and to serve those affected by this disease.

“Finding Cures Starts Here is an ideal theme for this year’s gala where we will honor leaders committed to making change for the benefit of today’s lymphoma community,” said Steven Eichberg, Chairman of the Board. Directors of the Lymphoma Research Foundation. “As we continue to invest in the most promising research, we thank our partners, supporters and leaders in the lymphoma community for being a catalyst for healing and for supporting the Foundation. We look forward to celebrating with everyone at this special event. ”

The Foundation will honor Christopher Flowers, MD, president of Lymphoma / Myeloma, Division of Cancer Medicine at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; and member of LRF Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), with the Distinguished Leadership Award for his long-standing support of early-career scientists, his dedication to lymphoma patients and their families, and his achievements in lymphoma research and clinical care.

“The dedication of the Lymphoma Research Foundation to cutting edge research, disease specificity, and the hyper-emphasis on finding cures for each type of lymphoma makes me truly honored to be recognized with the Distinguished Leadership Award.” said Dr Flowers. “The Foundation is essential in helping to advance research and improve therapies for patients with lymphoma and to empower patients through education. I had the honor of leading LRF’s research portfolio as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board.

The Foundation will also honor Kite, A Gilead Company, with the Corporate Leadership Award for its commitment to innovative research, improved patient outcomes and patient education programs for people with lymphoma.

“As a pioneer in the field of cell therapy, advancing research and supporting the education of people living with blood cancers is at the heart of Kite’s existence,” said Christi Shaw, CEO of Kite. “We are honored to accept this recognition from the Lymphoma Research Foundation, an organization that has a remarkable 25-year track record in patient education and empowerment and has funded some of the most promising research in lymphoma. I believe that with the determination and continued support of the Lymphoma Research Foundation, together we will find a cure for lymphoma.

“We are delighted to recognize the significant impact of our Gala Laureates on advancing lymphoma research and improving patient care through their partnerships with the Foundation,” said Meghan Gutierrez, Executive Director of the Lymphoma Research Foundation offering. “The winners of the evening are leaders and visionaries determined to improve the future of all those affected by a diagnosis of lymphoma. I am confident that their continued investments in lymphoma research and care will make a significant difference to the more than one million Americans living with or in remission from the disease. “

For more information on the Lymphoma Research Foundation’s 2021 annual gala, Finding Cures Starts Here, contact Rebecca Rausch at 917-882-9036 or [email protected], or visit

About the Lymphoma Research Foundation

The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) is the nation’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to funding innovative research and serving the lymphoma community through a comprehensive suite of education programs, initiatives outreach and patient services. To date, LRF has awarded more than $ 67 million for lymphoma-specific research.

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