Little information is publicly available about obtaining an STI test from Duke. Here’s what you need to know.


Despite the availability of free and confidential tests for sexually transmitted infections on campus, some report having difficulty finding the information to access the tests.

While Student Health and Duke Wellness both offer testing, students find the information hard to find, leading some students to forgo testing. For one student, Google search yielded little information other than the fact that tests are not offered without insurance.

“I was looking on the Student Health website, and I couldn’t really find any information on it, so I was confused by it. I kind of forgot that, ”said the student, who requested to remain anonymous for personal confidentiality, who ended up not being tested for STIs.

The student also said he felt that calling Student Health was not helpful. They were frightened by reports from friends of long wait times and dropped calls.

How can students get tested for STIs?

Student Health enables virtual consultations for patients seeking STI screening. Students can also book screening appointments through Duke MyChart.

Do student health costs or insurance cover STI testing?

The Student Health website states that the required student health fees cover pelvic examinations, but “do not include the costs of associated lab tests, such as Pap test and STI screening.”

Student Health offers tests to insured students. Under the Affordable Care Act, STI testing is treated as preventative health care, so it is free with most insurance plans.

While Student Health has considered offering free STI testing without insurance, this is not currently the case as all STI tests performed at Student Health are lab tests, rather than point-of-care tests. service, which are “diagnostic tests performed at or near where a specimen is taken.”

“Anything we need to send to another lab, even if it’s Duke Labs, Student Health doesn’t charge for those, but the labs will charge for insurance,” said the director of Student Health, John Vaughn.

Is STI testing confidential?

Under federal law, students entering Student Health will not have their STI test details disclosed to parents, but Student Health acknowledges that there may be instances where parents may find a test order. laboratory on an insurance form.

“If a student comes to Student Health for an STI test, it’s absolutely confidential,” Vaughn said.

For those concerned about privacy and assurance, DuWell also offers free and confidential student testing in conjunction with the County Durham Department of Public Health.

“You don’t need to make an appointment, you walk in, it’s ten minutes, it’s a full panel of IST tests and they don’t charge for insurance,” said DuWell deputy manager Lindsey Parker .

For students who cannot attend these dates, DuWell can provide connections to other tests provided by DCoDPH. The department has regular walk-in clinics. Students who do not have a car are encouraged to call for assistance in arranging transportation.

Although the information is not always clear, Student Health and DuWell encourage all students to contact via social media, MyChart, or by phone.

“We want you to come, we don’t want you to feel weird about it, and we want your feedback,” Parker said.

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