LETTER: Truth is the only cure for the virus | Letters

Over the past three years, we have seen a horrific virus grow from a scare into a national nightmare. Even when vaccines became available, a significant number of the population refused to believe them. Our former president helped sow doubt on this and other science- or fact-driven issues.

It would seem that this mindset has spread to a new pandemic of fear and distrust of facts backed by evidence. This pandemic may be more dangerous than COVID because it not only threatens lives; it has become a threat to the rule of law and to democracy itself.

Unlike COVID, a simple round of fire will not bring this pandemic under control. This disease is planted in the DNA of a personality. He seeks to justify beliefs and actions based on what he wants the truth to be, regardless of the facts. And if necessary, it will break, if not seek to destroy, the laws on which the democratic system is built. It can only be overcome by the peaceful but firm support of the democratic process and of those who work to defend and uphold it.

“Truth” is not just what I want it to be. To quote an anonymous author, “The truth may not make us free, but we cannot be free without it.”

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