How to get free condoms, home HIV tests and more by mail in Texas

I hope that if you are over 18, you understand and practice safer sex, if you happen to be sexually active. However, Texas, along with other southern states, has a huge amount of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies. This does not mean that the South is ignorant or irresponsible:

According to Ronald Gray, MD, professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins, the answer may simply come down to a lack of access to affordable health care. “The South has more people living in poverty and in rural areas,” he says, “which can make it harder for them to get tested and treated for STDs.”

And I had my daughter at 19. I’m not here to judge anyone. But if I can help, I’d like to. I discovered an amazing website specifically for Texans to order free condoms and other safe sex products. Condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy and STDs. No method of birth control is 100% effective all the time, so if you can use more than one (like birth control pills with condoms), I recommend it. And don’t come to me with “abstinence”, we ALL know abstinence education alone is a complete and utter failure.

Texans can order free condoms, HIV home testing kits, dental dams and lube through the Texas Wears Condoms website. Items are free, shipping is free, and the packaging is discreet. Free home HIV testing kits require eligibility based on certain testing questions, but other items are first-come, first-served until the website is out of stock for the month. The website also offers educational resources and lists agencies that offer in-person STD testing.

I sincerely hope that if you need these resources, you will take advantage of them.

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