Houston janitor Lucio Diaz accused of urinating in office water bottles that hold up to 13 people after infecting employee with STD

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) — Investigators told Eyewitness News that 13 other victims came forward after a janitor accused of urinating into employees’ water bottles was caught on camera.

On Friday, court records show Lucio Diaz, 50, was granted $75,000 bond after being charged with indecent assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Diaz is not entitled to receive a personal bond because the offense of aggravated assault is listed in the criminal procedure code, according to the judge.

Both charges relate to the same victim.

The 54-year-old victim, who did not want to be identified, told ABC13 last week of the disturbing case in which Diaz allegedly transmitted a sexually transmitted disease to the woman after she drank his urine from her water bottle.

In August, she noticed a foul smell in the employee water dispenser at the doctor’s office along the East Freeway where she works.

Thereafter, she swore to drink only from water bottles she brought to work.

Then, in late September, she thought her own water bottle had been contaminated with urine.

A camera she set up near her desk caught Diaz, who has worked at the office for 8 years, in the act. She only shared a still from the video but allowed ABC13 to watch it in its entirety.

Court records show that a urinalysis confirmed it.

“Pulls out his penis and puts his penis in my bottle, basically rinses his penis in water,” she told Eyewitness News in a previous report.

Further tests brought devastating news. The victim learned that she had contracted an STD, for which he also tested positive.

Court records show Diaz is in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The immigration and labor status of the Mexican national is unclear. The victim said Diaz continued to work in the building even after management was notified. She works with attorney Kim Spurlock.

The building’s owner, Altera Fund Advisors, responded with a statement from CEO Terry Quinn:

“Our management company immediately cooperated with the police department in this matter as soon as we were made aware of this potential problem by our tenant. The police advised them not to alert or approach the alleged perpetrator so that he can be arrested. He was arrested on his return to the building.”

Investigators told Eyewitness News that 13 other people were victimized by Diaz and said he may face further charges.

Records show Diaz has lived in the Houston area for 22 years and is a father of seven with his wife.

WATCH: Woman says she was infected with an STD after janitor urinated in her water bottle

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