Homeopathy can successfully treat sleep apnea

Singer-songwriter Bappi Lahiri died on Tuesday at the age of 69 in Mumbai. He had been in pain for some time and died at CritiCare Hospital in Juhu, Mumbai due to obstructive sleep apnea.

What is sleep apnea? Does homeopathy have a treatment for this condition. ?

Haven’t you heard people complaining that they feel sleepy during the day and can’t carry on with their routine work or drive a car. Upon investigation, it is found that they are unable to sleep at night as they suddenly wake up out of breath. Let’s see what this condition is, its impact on the human body and how it can be treated with homeopathy.

“Sleep apnea” is a disease that we don’t know much about. But very few know that it can be dangerous for physical as well as psychological health?

“Sleep apnea” is a respiratory disease related to your body’s respiratory function resulting in sleepiness during the day resulting in an inability to work while remaining physically active. If this disease gets worse, it sets the stage for other serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, etc.

There are a number of patients in India and abroad who are totally in the grip of this disease and are being treated regularly by other branches of medicine.

Sleep apnea is basically of two types: central and obstructive. In central sleep apnea, the brain fails to send signals to the breathing muscles and it is known to be less common in patients. In obstructive sleep apnea, air is blocked from entering and exiting the nose, leading to a reduction in the level of oxygen in the body, causing the patient to snore loudly at night. This condition in a person basically persists in a lying position and the highest percentage if it is prevalent in patients all over the world. Men are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea during their lifetime and represent the highest percentage among patients. Therefore, they should be more careful and at the first opinion consult a homeopathic expert immediately.

It can be noted that it is never confirmed that women are far from this disease and therefore they should also be aware of any of its symptoms. If symptoms persist regarding the respiratory problem or difficulty in breathing fresh air, a homeopathic physician should be consulted.

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine. The selection of homeopathic remedies is based on the theory of individualization and similarity of symptoms using a holistic approach.

Homeopathy therefore acts as a boon to treat this disease as it can treat both types of sleep apnea without creating serious discomfort for the patients. But the main thing is that it all depends on what remedy a homeopathic doctor prescribes for this or that patient, depending on his age and the severity of the disease. The doctor asks various questions concerning the disease and assesses the sensitivities and susceptibilities of the patient. Here is an example.

1. Inhalation problem
2. Feeling short of breath
3. Feeling tired all day
4. Stay up at night
5. Feeling irritated
6. Forgetting
7. Feeling tired just from doing light work
8. Snoring
9. Memory loss

Homeopathic remedies
1. Arsenicum album is prescribed for people who have breathing difficulties.
2. Sulfur is a commonly used homeopathic remedy, especially in respiratory congestions.
3. Lachesis is a prescribed remedy for uncontrollable conditions that sometimes persist overnight.
4. Spongia is also a better option when there is a blocked chest feeling.
5. Opium is also prescribed to patients who feel confused after a sleep disorder.

But this is just a general overview of symptoms and remedies. But for a proper prescription, it is advisable to consult a professional homeopathic doctor.

1. Quit smoking.
2. Stop drinking alcohol.
3. Do breathing exercises in the morning a few hours before sunrise.
4. Eat healthy foods, especially fibrous foods in your diet.

There are different treatment systems as always for any disease. But homeopathic treatment is gentle, certain and permanent. Keep faith in homeopathy. It is certainly effective and has the ability to cure diseases from its root. Don’t ignore sleep apnea symptoms, even if they seem mild at first. Consult your homeopathic doctor without wasting time.

(By Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal is a Senior Homeopath at Agrawal Homoeo Clinic)

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