High School Football Week 10: Easton Rogers and Max Brown Keep Lincoln Christian’s ‘Train’ Routed Against Stigler | Soccer


“I give all the credit to the O line, they blocked their butt,” Rogers said. “Everything they did for me was awesome.”

Rogers had 13 carries for 80 yards and also scored on a 31-yard screen pass with the help of tackle Carson East’s field blocker. His fourth touchdown, on a 4-yard run, was helped by a crushing block from fullback Tyler Johnson. Rogers, who also had a 64-yard TD overruled by a detention penalty, entered the game with 435 total yards and eight touchdowns over the course of the season.

“Easton waited his turn,” Ricke said. “With Max out there and so dynamic and such a good runner and pitcher, Max has taken charge of the races this year. A few weeks ago I told Easton in the game that I had to offer him a few runs and he told me not to worry – he just wanted the team to be successful.

“We knew he had that in him. When the key to defense is to stop Max, it’s good that Easton takes some of the pressure off him. He ran extremely hard and catches the ball extremely well and also played really well for us in defense (linebacker).

Rogers opened the scoring with a 5-yard TD that capped a 56-yard drive and six plays on Lincoln’s first possession. The Panthers’ ensuing possession ended with Zane Thrasher stopping a run for a one yard loss on fourth and 2 on his 36.

Seven games later, Rogers scored from a one-yard dive with 3:21 left in the first quarter and Drew Lancaster scored an extra 35 yards as Lincoln extended his lead to 13-0. At the start of the second quarter, Thresher and several others stopped another fourth and short bet from Stigler. Two games later, Rogers’ TD increased the score to 20-0.

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