Gogglebox: Giles admits giving out Chlamydia tests as Christmas gifts


With Gogglebox now on its 18 series, we’re getting used to the families on the show who share their weird and wonderful stories – but sometimes they can still surprise us.

This week it was fan favorite couple Giles and Mary who managed to shock viewers after sharing a bizarre story about one of Giles’ Christmas presents.

After watching a report suggesting people may be forced to stockpile gifts before the holiday season, Giles has let it be known that he will stockpile gifts.

Instead, he bragged about being very good at choosing gifts for his friends and family.

He boasted, “I always give people great gifts, but they are very useful gifts.”

But Mary hit back with a story about one of Giles’ most unusual gifts.

“I remember the year we went to live with some people and there were five girls and you gave each of them a free test for chlamydia which you got from the doctor,” he said. she declared, stifling a laugh.

But while the slightly disturbing present might have embarrassed some people, Giles seemed rather proud of his idea.

He said: “I gave them a test kit that I got free from the surgery. It seemed to kill two birds with one stone.”

While many viewers were shocked by Giles’ admission, many others found his gifts hilarious.

A viewer took to Twitter to say, “So Giles on Gogglebox gave his friends five daughters a chlamydia test as a Christmas present … This man is a living legend!”

Another added: “Best start for #Gogglebox in a long time… #GilesandMarie discussing Christmas presents and Giles handing out chlamydia tests to girls … * crying uncontrollably * ”

However, others were less impressed.

A fan of the show simply said, “Chlamydia Kit? Scary.”

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