Garden center raises money for medical research on children


Businesswoman and nature lover Vinny Piscopo tell Daniela allen about the project

One of the things that raised the spirits of many during the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been love and appreciation for nature.

At a time when mental health has become more important than ever, experts advise getting out to the countryside and getting as much fresh air as possible. The absorption of the natural environment and the colors of nature are soothing to the eyes and comforting to the mind.

Yet many of those who did not have access to outdoor space during this difficult time have filled their homes with plants, which can give a sense of hope and a desire to feel freedom again.

At the right time, the Research Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT) at the University of Malta launched a spring initiative, in collaboration with one of Malta’s leading garden centers, to raise funds for research through its Superhero campaign. .

Piscopo Gardens and Pet Shop have adopted the campaign to support research related to medical conditions affecting children. This is happening at a time when the pursuit of quality of life and well-being is at the forefront, as the world increasingly realizes the crucial value of research in curing disease.

People understand what really matters in life. For me it’s family and nature

Nature and life-loving businesswoman Vinny Piscopo is behind this venture and is committed to matching every donation the public makes to the university’s research campaign.

“I love the idea that as Piscopo Gardens we can really help during such times. Research is vital to finding a cure for the ongoing battles that unfortunately many face, ”says Piscopo.

Vinny Piscopo

“Children are our future, if we can protect them and give them better lives, then I believe we are doing something right while we are on this planet.”

Thanks to the Superhero campaign, “my team and I feel that our efforts and our daily work go towards a great cause to help children. Visit us at Piscopo Gardens and donate € 1, € 2 or € 5 and as a business we will match your donation. Anyone can tell the difference. ”

Piscopo Gardens was established in 1994 and has grown steadily since. It has the largest selection of plants on the island, paired with a wide range of gardening products, pet food, and pet supplies.

While running this large company, Piscopo refers to work-life balance and says she’s learned not to let stress take over.

“I relax when I spend time playing with my stepson and taking long walks by the sea or in the countryside.”

She says surrounding yourself with people who love you and make you happy is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Referring to the COVID-19 pandemic, she said, “People understand what really matters in life. For me, it’s family and nature. We realized that the many things we might have taken for granted actually help us live better lives. Once these were taken away from us, we appreciated how important they really are.

At work, she and her team strive to educate and teach anyone interested in taking up gardening as a hobby as well as nurturing a love for animals. She adds that it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to be surrounded by nature 24/7.

“A lot of our customers visit us to be able to relax because our environment is really unique, with so many plants in one place,” she says.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the garden center is stocked to the brim with many unique and different products.

Visit the Piscopo Gardens Facebook page or their center in Burmarrad, which is open seven days a week. Every purchase made through the end of June will help support the Superhero Campaign for Research on Children.

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