Funniest moments in Gogglebox history – face masks, take out and poppadoms


Gogglebox has become a true classic on UK TV screens and we’ve grown to love the cast members more and more with each series.

While the official Gogglebox star roster for Series 18 has yet to be confirmed, fan favorites The Malone Family and Jenny and Lee have confirmed they will return for the next series.

As we look forward to the new series, we took a look at some of Gogglebox’s funniest moments.

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Below are up to 10 moments from the history of the Channel 4 favorite.

The moments – showing late, big stars of the show, and stars returning for this series in September – serve as a reminder why Gogglebox will always be a classic.

So let’s get started …

1. The shoe flip

Gogglebox stars Linda and Pete McGarry

This iconic moment came from the late Pete McGarry, his wife Linda and his son George.

In true Gogglebox style, the Essex family were enjoying take-out when Celebrity Big Brother star George took off his shoes to relax.

Lifting his feet in the air, George’s shoe tilts to the right directly onto Pete’s plate. Linda bursts out laughing and secures this moment in our list.

2. Flying poppadoms

Giles and Mary quickly became popular among fans of the show for their feuds and witty liners.

In this scene, Giles hilariously informed Mary that he threw a poppadom across the room “like a frisbee” before bragging that there was nothing she could do about it since she was in London at the time.

First laughing, Mary then notices some crumbs on the floor which Giles says are actually the remains of her papadom that he and their dog ate.

3. Gay sharks

The Gogglebox stars were enjoying the 1970s hit movie Jaws when Brighton couple Stephen and Chris gave us this fun moment.

Chris asks, “How’s a gay shark?”

The duo then simultaneously sings the Jaws theme song which turns into the chorus of Frankie Valli’s song Can’t Take My Eyes off You.

Stephen and Chris appeared on the show together until 2018 when they separated and Stephen continued the show with his mother Pat.

4. Face mask

Best friends Jenny and Lee often have viewers laughing and this scene is no exception.

Craving a snack while they watch TV, Lee sits down with crisps and what appears to be mint dip.

Jenny realizes that her mint dip is actually her face mask that she put in the fridge to keep it cool. Lee quickly spits it out as she snatches the “yogurt” from him and stares at her in horror.

5. The dog kicks the tea

The stars of Gogglebox have plenty of pets that viewers love too. Animals often come with their own iconic moments, as seen here.

Reverend Kate and Graham have never been seen without a cup of tea on hand. However, their dog clearly thought otherwise as he just gently manages to grab Graham’s cup while he sleeps and spill the tea on poor Graham.

6. Friends with benefits

Fans were devastated to learn of the deaths of Gogglebox favorites Leon and June. Both were highly regarded members of the cast and provided viewers with plenty of fun moments.

While watching Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute, a couple on the show discuss the plight of their “friends in benefits.”

Confused Leon asks June, “What do friends with benefits mean?”

June responds equally confusedly: “Does that mean that they are both unemployed and that they are both unemployed?”

7. Grandmother vacuum cleaner

The Malone family welcomed the new Carsen addition to the family earlier this year as their adorable grandson appeared on the show and became an instant hit with viewers at home.

Julie and Tom were trying to entertain Carsen by giving him a small cordless vacuum cleaner and the toddler then sucked on poor Julie’s hair.

Tom and his son Shaun quickly came to help Julie, but Carsen and viewers found the moment a lot of fun.

8. Go down to the cellar

Chic couple Steph and Dom Parker rose to fame for their boozy jokes on the show. Their living room showed a large display of liquor stored in a cabinet behind their sofa and was a staple when they chose their drinks for the evening.

A drunken Dom gets up and walks towards the cupboard and gradually descends, imitating the descent of the stairs into a cellar.

Dom insults: “No I’m not going to the cellar, we don’t have any more stairs to the cellar, now we have an elevator”.

He then bursts out laughing as he slowly sits up like he’s in an elevator, but loses his balance and rocks behind the sofa as the couple burst out laughing.

9. Chlamydia tests as a gift

In a Gogglebox Christmas special, Giles and Mary discuss a bar of soap they received as a Christmas present.

Giles said: “I go to town at 4 am on Christmas Eve and usually get a little crazy”

He continued, “Remember one year I bought everyone little tiny torches?”

Mary replies, “I remember the year you went looking for chlamydia test kits for the people we were going to stay with just because they were free, I thought it was a really inappropriate gift and bad”.

10. Craig David

To end our countdown we have another classic from Jenny and Lee. The two friends sit down to watch Sean Connery as James Bond and Lee challenge Jenny to name other actors who played the character of 007.

Jenny responds confidently: “Craig David”.

Lee bursts out laughing at his friend knowing that she means Daniel Craig and not singer Craig David.

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