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LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Former UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley and his ex-wife have tentatively settled his lawsuit in which she alleged he broke his ankle and caused her a back injury during arguments between the former couple in 2016.

In a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, the plaintiff, identified only as “Jane Doe,” alleged causes of action for domestic violence as well as intentionally inflicting emotional distress and negligent misrepresentation. The two had met at UCLA, where Doe was a track runner, and married in July 2016.

Doe’s attorneys filed court papers Tuesday with Judge Elaine Lu saying a “contingent” settlement had been reached and a motion to dismiss would be filed no later than May 12. No terms were disclosed.

Doe alleged that in January 2016, Hundley choked her during an argument in which she broke her ankle. In December of that year, Hundley “pushed her through an open garage door”, resulting in a back injury. In July 2016, Hundley was infected with a sexually transmitted disease after having unprotected sex with an unknown number of women at a bachelor party in Las Vegas and then passed the disease on to Doe, according to the complaint filed in April 2020.

In a sworn statement, Hundley denied abusing the woman.

“I never got hold of Complainant in a violent manner, assaulted, beat up or threatened Complainant at any time during our relationship,” said the 29-year-old, now an NFL free agent. “This includes hitting, aggressively grabbing, pushing or choking or any other physical manifestation of violence.”

Hundley denied pushing Doe through a garage door and said she broke her ankle when the two were dining at the restaurant.

“During dinner, the plaintiff had a severe allergic reaction to shellfish,” Hundley said. “The plaintiff went to the washroom and hit her foot against the bathroom stall, which resulted in the plaintiff injuring her ankle.”

Hundley further says that in December 2016 or January 2017, Doe told her that she had contracted chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease.

“I was tested because the complainant told me she had chlamydia and also tested positive for the infection,” Hundley said. “I did not know that I was infected with chlamydia until I was informed by the applicant, and I had no reason to believe that I could be infected with chlamydia or any other disease or infection sexually transmitted.”

Doe and Hundley renewed their vows in July 2017, and even after filing for divorce in November 2018, the woman “expressed a desire to pursue a romantic relationship with me,” according to Hundley.

Hundley was drafted in 2015 by the Green Bay Packers and also later played for the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts.

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