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Dynabook announced Dynabook Mobile Secure Client (DMSC), designed to enable seamless hybrid working through a Mobile Secure Client that provides enhanced IT security and manageability for IT teams, as well as freedom of mobility for workers.

With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Deployments Expected to Grow Over 20% CAGR according to Global market overview – from $15 billion worldwide in 2021 to $55 billion by 2028 – DMSC ensures that Dynabook’s portfolio of enterprise computing solutions fully meets the needs of organizations requiring VDI, whether due to strict security standards, a need for simplified management or a combination of both.

“With DMSC, organizations can easily deploy hybrid working, providing mobility, a hassle-free experience and full productivity in an ultra-secure VDI environment,” said Damian Jaume, President of Dynabook Europe GmbH. “We are seeing a growing demand for VDI in certain business segments, and the arrival of DMSC is aimed at those customers looking for seamless manageability and robust security, while enabling flexibility and customization. devices users need to stay productive today.”

DMSC enables organizations to effortlessly create an effective desktop experience in the hybrid era, while maintaining full control of compliance and security. This is especially useful in industries that handle a significant amount of confidential and classified information, as well as those that operate a device-sharing, device-rental, or desktop-as-a-service model that requires rapid deployment. and simple.

Simplified fleet maintenance
From a manageability perspective, DMSC makes life easier for IT teams. IT setup is minimized, with devices tailored to specific customer needs by Dynabook when ordered, meaning they are delivered directly to the end user to work right out of the box. Simply put, organizations can deploy from the Dynabook factory to anywhere without the need for configuration.

Operational and security updates, including customer requirements, are also prepared by Dynabook engineers for easy and targeted deployment, again removing significant workload from the end user. This combination of pre-configuration and low ongoing maintenance offers the added benefit of saving time and reducing costs, for example through a reduction in the need for IT support.

Leverage VDI infrastructure with incremental security
Supporting major VDI vendors, DMSC seamlessly integrates into existing VDI infrastructures and provides robust security for organizations operating in the most sensitive environments. This includes protection against data theft by using an encrypted IoT operating system that is loaded into system RAM on every boot. No access is allowed to the IoT operating system itself, and system RAM is purged on power-off with no cached or persisted VDI session data.

At each startup and during each session, DMSC communicates with an authentication server to verify that it is still authorized to operate. By doing so, any client suspected of being compromised can be shut down remotely and prevented from continuing to function.

Dynabook’s line of DMSC devices also benefit from the added security of Dynabook’s proprietary BIOS. As the only PC vendor to build and maintain its BIOS in-house, the risk of third-party interference is eliminated, ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of security measures taken at higher levels.

UI customization with full security compliance
By booting securely into a protected operating system that allows some user interface customization, with no session data stored or cached outside of system memory, DMSC goes beyond the capabilities of traditional zero and thin client without compromising security. End users can benefit from a full suite of Type-C ports and docking options for unfettered connectivity, plus optional built-in LTE. Meanwhile, accessibility and external display controls, brightness control, and volume control allow employees to configure the device to their own preferences.

With DMSC, Dynabook now provides comprehensive security and compliance across the entire mobile computing environment, meeting the requirements of any organization. DMSC will be available from July 2022 on 13″, 14″ and 15″ options of Dynabook’s award-winning line of MIL-STD tested business laptops, as well as its unique and award-winning DE200 mobile computing device.

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