Doctor Reveals Strange STI Symptoms ‘Nobody Knows About’

Everyone knows the classic symptoms to look out for when you’re worried about an STI, whether it’s a burning sensation or sores.

But sometimes the human body takes a different approach to dealing with an infection, leading Dr. Manoj Malu, Director and Founder of Clarewell Clinics, to issue a warning to look out for any alarming symptoms, even the ones you’d expect the most. less.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: “When someone thinks of STIs, they usually think of genital symptoms. It is important to be aware that most STIs are quite capable of producing symptoms away from the genital area.”

He then went on to go into grim detail of the symptoms that can appear around the body when even the most common infections go untreated.

anal balls

Dr Manoj Malu urges anyone with unusual symptoms to get tested

The doctor said that many patients with lumps around the anus have rightly believed that they have piles. Anal warts can sometimes be mistaken for piles and treated incorrectly.

Eye redness and stickiness

Dr Manoj explained: “It’s easy to mistake red, sticky eyes as hay fever.

“However, it’s important to remember that chlamydia and gonorrhea can also cause similar symptoms, especially if you’ve had intimate contact with someone who has these infections.

red eyes
If an STI infection gets into the eye, it can cause redness and a sticky feeling

“I leave it to your imagination how these genital infections can get into our eyes. Syphilis can also produce redness of the eyes as well as floaters and blurred vision.

“One may have developed symptoms that are easy to overlook, such as a subtle rash, feeling feverish and tired.

“A syphilitic infection affecting the eyes is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly.”

Hair loss

Hair loss is common in the second stage of syphillis

Hair loss is also a sign, according to Dr. Manoj. He added: “Syphilis in its second stage, which can occur any time from a few months to 2 years after you first contract it, can lead to hair loss.

“It can be distressing when it appears on the scalp, but can also be noted on the eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits as well as on the arms, legs and trunk.”

Joint pain

articular pain
Joint pain may be a sign of underlying gonorrhea or chlamydia infection

Dr Manoj said joint problems can also be a sign. He said: “Some patients experience painful swelling of large joints (elbow, wrist, knee and ankles) due to underlying chlamydia infections. This happens because the lining of our joints contains antigens very similar to those found in these bacteria.

“A more serious infection is septic joint infection with gonorrhea, where the joint becomes extremely red, hot and swollen. It should be treated as an emergency in a hospital setting.

“Knee joint destruction due to late syphilis was a common sight before the advent of penicillin, but fortunately rare now.”

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