Cramping After Partner Ejaculates Inside: 26 Causes, Next Steps


Yes, it could be the result of ejaculation, but there are a few other reasons as well.

Connection is the unique properties of sperm and the sensitivity of a partner towards them.

Let’s explain …

Most often, this is a reaction to the hormone prostaglandin contained in semen.

Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances found in semen to which some people with vaginas are sensitive. Their release into your vagina could cause cramps.

Prostaglandins are also produced in the lining of your uterus and are often the cause of period cramps and other unpleasant menstrual symptoms, such as headaches and charming period cramps and farts.

Prostaglandin stimulates your uterus and causes it to contract, which can cause cramps.

In rare cases, this could be the result of a semen allergy

Yes, you can be allergic to your sexual partner’s semen. This is called seminal plasma hypersensitivity. It happens when a person is allergic to certain proteins in semen.

Allergies to semen are rare, but they do happen. The numbers are a bit sketchy, but a 2011 research review estimated that this affects around 40,000 Americans who was assigned a woman at birth.

Localized symptoms are the most common reaction to a semen allergy. This includes:

  • redness or discoloration
  • eruption
  • burning in your vagina or vulva

Although it is not as common, some people experience gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, such as:

  • abdominal pain and cramps
  • nausea
  • diarrhea

They can be.

Cramping after penetrative sex is common during pregnancy, especially after orgasm, which can cause the uterus to contract.

But cramps aren’t exactly a symptom of pregnancy. First off, there are some common pregnancy symptoms to look out for, such as:

  • a missed period
  • tender breasts
  • morning sickness

Cramping is also more likely to occur later in pregnancy, usually in the third trimester.

If you think you are pregnant, take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Ejaculating inside your vagina can cause cramping, but there are other reasons why you might have penile cramps during or after sex in the vagina.

How deep is the penetration

Deep or rough penetration can cause cramping and irritation if a partner’s penis (or fist or sex toy) hits your cervix.

Cramping or a dull discomfort in your pelvis after particularly enthusiastic lovemaking is not unusual and should not last long. You may also notice a tiny amount of blood after a rough session.

How tight your pelvic floor is

Tight pelvic floor muscles, medically called hypertonic pelvic floor, can make penetrative sex painful. You may also notice pain deep in your pelvis that radiates to your lower back and thighs.

Your muscles may tighten if you feel anxious or stressed. Certain medical conditions that affect your bladder and bowels, as well as injuries after surgery or trauma can also be the cause.

The position of your uterus

If your uterus leans back instead of leaning forward (medically called a retracted or tilted uterus), you might feel pressure on your uterus during penetrative sex.

This could trigger cramps, as well as pain in the vagina and lower back. You might also encounter:

  • painful periods
  • difficulty inserting tampons
  • frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Where you are in your menstrual cycle

Oh, the rules. The gift that never stops giving, right?

The cramps during your period are pretty much acquired. You might also experience other symptoms, such as:

  • lower abdominal pain
  • lower back pain
  • headache

Cramping, which could potentially get worse after sex, is more likely at certain points in your cycle:


This happens about 2 weeks before your period, when your body prepares for a potential pregnancy by releasing an egg for fertilization.

During ovulation, you may notice other symptoms, such as an increase or change in the consistency of your vaginal discharge.

Approaching or during menstruation

Cramping in the days before your period (oh hey over there, PMS) and the first few days after onset are quite common. You might also feel swollen and irritable, and your breasts might feel heavy and sore. Ugh.

The type of birth control you are taking

Your birth control could be responsible for your cramps.

An intrauterine device (IUD), for example, can cause cramping for several weeks after its insertion, whether or not you engage in sexual activity.

When you have penetrative sex, the cramps can become more severe.

A 2013 study linked low-dose birth control pills to chronic pelvic pain and pain during orgasm in some people, but more research is needed on the topic.

Underlying stress, anxiety, or other mental health issue

Your mental health can absolutely have an impact on how you feel physically. The following experiences can reduce your libido and cause the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles to contract:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • other mental health problems

Tension in the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles can make your stomach ache after sex and cause cramps.

In addition to the cramps, you may also find the penetration painful and experience gastrointestinal symptoms, such as an upset stomach and diarrhea.

An underlying infection

Some infections can cause cramps and other discomfort during and after sexual activity.

Fungal infection

A yeast infection is more likely to cause intense itching in your vagina and a thick, white discharge that smells like yeast.

That said, some people do experience abdominal cramps and pain during sex.

Urinary tract infection

Penetrous sex while you have a UTI (not recommended, BTW) can cause cramps and other pain in your pelvis, lower abdomen, and back.

It can also worsen a UTI, as penetration can force bacteria into your urinary tract through your urethra, which is just above your vaginal opening.

If you have a urinary tract infection, the cramps may also be accompanied by:

  • cloudy urine
  • burning when you pee
  • feeling like you need to pee more often, even after peeing

Sexually transmitted infection or PID

STIs, such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, can cause cramps during and after penetrative sex.

STIs can also cause PID – short for pelvic inflammatory disease – which also makes penetrative sex painful.

Get STI testing is a good idea if you have sex without a barrier method or if you have sex with a partner who is unsure of their STI status.

Besides pain or cramping during or after sex, other symptoms to watch out for that could be caused by an STI or PID are:

An underlying condition

Cramping after sexual activity can sometimes be caused by an underlying medical condition, such as:


O’s should be nice, but they can be a source of pain for some people. When orgasms hurt, it is called dysorgasmia.

The pain can vary in intensity from mild to severe, occurring during and after the climax.

For some, the pain feels like period cramps or a tight feeling. Some people experience a sharp or searing pain when they reach their peak, followed by a dull or gnawing pain afterwards.

Cysts or fibroids

Cysts and fibroids are common non-cancerous growths that can cause cramps after sex.

Cysts are bags filled with fluid that develop on your ovaries. Fibroids grow in or on your uterus.

Cysts and fibroids don’t always cause symptoms, but it depends on:

  • Cut
  • location
  • how many there are

Cysts and fibroids can cause:

  • pain and cramps after sexual penetration
  • back and leg pain
  • heavy and painful periods
  • pelvic pressure or fullness


Endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue similar to that found in your uterus grows outside your uterus. By outside we mean anywhere in your pond and sometimes even outside your pond.

Severe cramping after penetrative sex is a common occurrence with endometriosis. It is also associated with severe menstrual cramps and heavy periods, and can cause problems with bowel movements and infertility.

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