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BENGALURU: Since the pandemic hit, social restrictions and quarantine norms have triggered fear of missing out in many. But some experience FOMO for a different reason in the third wave – their colleagues/peers being infected with Covid-19, they feel “excluded”.
Social media platforms are full of memes and jokes about ‘rare species’ still not being sick, while others are suffering from coughs, fevers and body aches. A viral meme reads: “If you’re not sick right now, you must be an alien.” Another has a healthy person who hates himself when everyone else contracts Covid.
Young people share their “disappointment” online. Twitter user Shivangi said, “People who didn’t get covid in wave two got it in wave three and those who didn’t get it in wave three, unko major FOMO ho raha hai (they suffer from major FOMO)”.
Siriveena tweeted, “Struggling to have bad FOMO while being terrified of covid.” Karthik Srinivasan, a communications consultant, shared an anecdote from his family: “I was talking to a relative. She said her son (in Std 11) wanted to get tested for COVID because it seems to be FOMO among his class/school friends – almost everyone gets tested and those who don’t get tested feel excluded! He tested positive, by the way!”
Anushree L, a tech who never contracted the infection, told STOI she shared a story on Instagram joking about how she tested positive for FOMO. “Last week everyone but two of us on my team tested positive. My story was in response to their stories of how they got infected. I heard that their symptoms were not serious. Everyone got recovery gifts and I felt left out,” she said, adding that it was only in a lighter vein and that she was aware of the seriousness of the virus.
“I have remained cautious since the first two waves because I live with elderly parents. I think all of my sanitizing, masking and healthy eating paid off in some way,” she added.
Zoha Sanofer, an Instagram influencer, shared a reel that showed people’s changing attitude towards Covid from 2021 to 2022. With the caption “Different wave, different vibe?”, Sanofer says people were terrified of Covid- 19 in 2021 but are relaxed about it this year. “It’s only Corona. Don’t worry, it’s only for seven days, you’ll be fine after that,” she says in the skit reel which garnered over 11,000 likes.
Netizens also came up with a term for those who still haven’t contracted Covid-Covirgins. “I officially lost my COVID virginity, now I don’t have to worry about having FOMO,” one Twitter user wrote.

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