Colorado offers free at-home STI test kits

DENVER (KDVR) — With the number of sexually transmitted infections on the rise in Colorado and across the country, state officials are encouraging people to get tested, and now there’s a new option.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment offers free home test kits for STIs. People can order them from the CDPHE website, and the kits will be discreetly delivered to their homes.

“Some would prefer to be tested at home confidentially, or may not have a medical home they could go to, and so we are seeing more and more opportunities for home testing,” said Dr Eric France. , Chief Medical Officer of CDPHE.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sexually transmitted infections rose in Colorado and across the country in 2020, and some doctors say a lack of testing early in the pandemic could have contributed to that.

Dr. Beth Carewe of Rose Medical Center said many of her patients are now coming in and getting back on track with regular care. His office routinely tests for STIs.

“The most common STIs we see in our office are gonorrhea and chlamydia,” Carewe said.

If caught early, most STIs are completely treatable.

“I recommend the test for all my patients under the age of 24, which the CDC recommends, annual testing, and then it is offered to anyone over that age, especially when there is an increase in risk factors. risk – so change sexual partners. , or STD exposures, things like that,” Carewe said.

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