City health secretary performs 266 tests for HIV and syphilis in one day

City health secretary performs 266 tests for HIV and syphilis in one day

On Thursday, December 9, a mass screening day for HIV and syphilis was conducted in selected family health strategies in Nova Friburgo. The work of the municipal health service, through the local STI / AIDS / viral hepatitis program, aims to extend the performance of these tests and therefore the early diagnosis of infection.

One hundred and ten tests were performed for HIV, including two reagents, and 156 for syphilis, including 11 reagents. A total of 6,624 condoms were sent to health facilities, along with files containing information on this subject.

During the year, exams are offered in the SUS network, through the Nova Friburgo program, which already hosts around 1,200 people in the city. The tests are offered at the Dr. Silvio Henrique Brown Health Center, in Sospiro, in the FHS of Olaria (II and III), Riograndina, São Pedro da Serra, Rio Bonito, São Lourenço, Centenario, at the Raúl municipal hospital Certa and at the Maternity Hospital Dr. Mario Dutra de Castro.

Red December Day is celebrated this month, during which the campaign for awareness, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases takes place. In Nova Friburgo, in the coming days, until December 17, the laboratory of the local hospital Raúl Certa will be offered a test to detect emergency care, inpatients and staff.

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