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NEW DELHI: Manipur activist Leichombam Erendro’s father on Tuesday asked the Supreme Court to order compensation for the activist who spent more than two months in prison for a Facebook post.

Bench of Judges DY Chandrachud and MR Shah, who ordered Leichombam Erendro’s immediate release on Monday, requested the Manipur government’s written response to the compensation claim.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, who appeared for Manipur, told the Supreme Court that Erendro was released on Monday and that the case against him under strict security law national had been canceled.

It should stop there, and the petitioner should take a pragmatic approach in acknowledging that the relief has been granted, Tushar Mehta said.

The court said the petitioner chose to seek redress in court and gave the state two weeks to file its response. The next hearing is scheduled for August 6.

Appearing for Erendro’s father, L Raghumani Singh, lawyer Shadan Farasat told the Supreme Court that five cases had been filed against his son since 2017 and that the state had not filed an indictment in a single case.

The bench said it was “serious business” that Erendro had “lost his freedom since May”.

Leichombam Erendro was arrested on May 13 this year for his Facebook post that said cow dung and urine is not a cure for coronavirus disease because its cure is scientific and common sense. This message follows the death of the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Tikendra Singh. He was arrested after local BJP leaders filed a complaint against the social media post.

In the petition, Erendro’s father said his son’s statement was made in the context of the death of the president of the Manipur BJP due to Covid-19, “as a criticism of the unscientific position taken and misinformation disseminated by several BJP politicians regarding cow urine and cow dung being effective in preventing / treating Covid-19. ”He said the post was deleted shortly after it was posted on May 13 .

“This case is a shocking case of the misuse of the pre-trial detention law to hush up completely innocuous speech that is fully constitutionally protected and has been delivered in the public interest,” the petition said.

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