Albuquerque man charged with raping six children and giving five of them STDs

April 10 – An Albuquerque man accused of sexually molesting six children, five of whom were allegedly infected with sexually transmitted diseases, faces multiple charges filed in Santa Fe County.

Anthony Padilla, 30, is accused of raping children from two families, one in Albuquerque and the other in Española, according to court records.

Bernalillo County 2nd Judicial District prosecutors originally charged him with six counts of first-degree felony sexual penetration in October 2019 in connection with allegations that he molested three children in Rio Rancho. The case is pending.

Padilla’s lawyer said the case progressed slowly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Allegations of abuse by Padilla emerged after the Rio Rancho children’s mother grew concerned about her 3-year-old daughter’s health, according to court records. The girl, her 8-year-old sister and her one-year-old brother tested positive for sexually transmitted diseases, records show.

The woman said Padilla was a childhood friend and “couch surfer” who she allowed to stay in her home. He babysat her children while she was at work in July and August 2019, she said.

Two Española children, a 2- and 3-year-old related to Padilla, also tested positive for gonorrhea and chlamydia at the time, according to court records.

The sixth child, an 8-year-old girl from Española who is also linked to Padilla, did not test positive for the illnesses but told investigators that Padilla raped her and had sex with adults in front her since 2015, when she was 4, the records say.

Charges against Padilla involving those children — six counts of criminal sexual penetration, criminal sexual interference and bribery of a witness — were filed in Santa Fe County under a pending plea deal aimed at to resolve all charges he faces, his public defender, Cherylinn Gunning, said.

Padilla has been in custody since October 2019, when 2nd Judicial District Judge Charles Brown deemed him too dangerous to be released and granted prosecutors’ motion to keep him in jail until the charges are heard. brought against him be resolved.

He is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque.

The terms of Padilla’s ongoing plea have not been made public. Second Judicial District Judge Cindy Leos is scheduled to consider the deal at a hearing on April 28.

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