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My agricultural career ended last week. My wife and I have sold our eleven acres in Clinton County, and we are no longer part of the “we feed the world” crowd. Our contribution will go down in history in the form of eleven acres of beans grown and delivered somewhere. No cards, please.

I wouldn’t mind if you played this Paul Harvey “God Made A Farmer” at my funeral, though. It would make me sound cooler than my actual existence of typing on a keyboard most of my life. I’m not much of a farmer, but I drive a truck and ride for combines on the highway.

I had a teacher in high school who passed the news on Paul Harvey to us every morning. He took the time to record it in the morning on a tape, then play it for the class. Would it even be allowed now? Wouldn’t anyone be complaining about the network news they exposed your kids to? I am not sure that we are progressing as a society. Be your own judge, but I certainly miss Paul Harvey and thankful that my teacher mastered the art of playing on the tape player when the program was on the news; it is a more difficult task than you might think.

By the way, Paul Harvey was worth $ 150 million when he threw the bucket in 2009. It’s a bucket of radio commercials.

Speaking of announcements. I’m totally intrigued by an ad that continues to run during Chiefs games. This is an ad from the Kansas Department of Health asking people to get vaccinated. The lady in the ad says her husband contracted COVID and died after the family attended a chiefs party.

It’s incredibly sad, but I think it’s a pretty incredulous leap that the people in government are taking in pointing out how and when people contracted COVID. I’m not sure anyone can pinpoint when they catch a particular virus, but here’s a state sponsored ad taking that leap. They are not scientists, but I guess you already know that.

I would like to correct this last stanza. Some viruses / diseases are easy to identify when they are contracted. Mainly syphilis, gonorrhea and the like, but I guess some of you already know that too.

I just used google to spell check syphilis and gonorrhea and now my Facebook and TikTok accounts will be filled with STD advice. I would like to remind you again that I am not sure that we are progressing as a society. You decide.

Paul Harvey had 24 million listeners. It’s a little more reach than this column, but we are growing! It’s a question of time. I guess I had about 25 readers after writing this column for a few decades for a few different articles. Assuming you live, and I live, we could be at 100 by the end of this decade. To your good health!

Happy Thanksgiving and everyone. Don’t talk politics at the dinner table. Keep it simple by drinking stories of episodes from your youth and gut health and other healthy conversations; can’t go wrong there. Stay out of wine, it never helps.

Good day.

(Guy Speckman can be reached at [email protected] or by listening to the rest of the story on tape)

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