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Homeopathy derives its name from the understanding that “like ameliorates suffering”. Taking up the first principle of homeopathy, “similia similibus curanter” meaning “as heals as”, the name is fair and direct. According to homeopathy, a symptom caused by a substance must be cured by the same substance in diluted form. This is the very essence of homeopathy.

Origin, philosophy and method

Homeopathy or homeopathy as it is popularly called, originated in Europe and Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is the acknowledged founder of the approach. Subsequently, Kent, Herring, Schussler and many others have contributed to the field in many ways over the past two centuries. At the peak of its popularity on the American continent were the faculties of homeopathic medicine and the large number of practitioners. Over the past 150 years, it has also gained popularity in India.

Homeopathy believes that the state of illness should be improved by harnessing the life force of the individual, which helps to overcome the situation. To trigger the vital force, a remedy produced by the potency method is applied. An example of this is that one drop of the substance is mixed with, say, 99 drops of water and energized. This is called the 1C solution, which means ‘first hundred’. One drop of this solution is taken and added to 99 drops of water and it becomes second order which is 2C. If this process continues thirty times, we get the popular power 30C. Needless to say, there should be no trace of the original substance in the solution after the first few dilutions. What remains in the final solution is the healing energy of the substance.

Homeopathy uses substances from different sources namely mineral, vegetable and animal. The fourth can be the disease itself specifically called nosode. Sodium chloride (Natrum Wall), Calcium carbonate (Calcarea carbohydrates), Potassium phosphate (Kali Phosp) are some of the mineral springs. Metals are also used and examples are gold (Aurum), silver (Argentinum), copper (Cuprum), platinum, etc. Likewise, we have plant sources like our own Hing, and animal sources and their milk. Some substances cause a jolt, such as arsenic, mercury, or Lachesis (a snake poison). But diluted and energized, the solution only contains healing energy. Thus, the sources and spectrum of homeopathy healing are broad and affect all possible age groups and health conditions.

Homeopathy – A science or a pseudo-science

Many wonder if this is pseudo-science. Their concerns may be justified as there are no “clinical trials” in this method. Instead, practitioners depend on the “proving” technique. The idea behind the proof is simple, because “the same treatment is the same”, apply the material to a healthy person and he/she will show the symptoms. Record these symptoms and each time they appear in a patient, give the “proven material” in a diluted/energized form. It is expected to cure the disease. In fact, the origin of homeopathy began with Dr. Hahnemann’s observation while translating a medical book that Chinchona bark which produces symptoms of malaria can cure malaria! Another objection is that if there is no trace of “hardware” in the final solution, how can this help? It is true that after the fourth or fifth titration there is no physical evidence of the substance but the healing energy in the solution heals.

Great potential to cure health problems in the world

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 of “Good health and well-being” may seem unattainable, given the costs associated with modern medical methods. Comparatively, homeopathy offers an economical solution. The system is cost effective, acts quickly when the right remedy is given, diagnostic costs are low and can be made available even in remote areas. In fact, all households can receive the standard kit containing 20-25 remedies to cure immediate acute ailments for sure. The system is gentle, the practitioners are often kind. The future looks bright for homeopathy as consciousness shifts are happening all over the world and people are now open-minded. It is with deep gratitude that we remember the human contribution of pratahsmaraneeya Dr. Hahnemann and followers of the method.

(The author is a Fellow of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and currently Professor of Strategy at VPSM, Navi Mumbai. Read full article at: www.ainavolu.in/homeopathy-a-possible-panacea)

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Posted: Sunday, February 27, 2022, 12:52 p.m. IST

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