7 healthy alternatives to your morning coffee

Ready to start your day with a steaming cup of coffee in the morning? Wait, you can’t imagine what coffee does to you. There are lots of different drinks you can choose from other than your morning coffee.

These drinks have many health benefits, making them a great alternative to your coffee. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 8 healthy alternatives to your morning coffee.

1. Green tea

A cup of green tea in the morning can do wonders. It not only helps to lose extra fat, but also improves brain efficiency. It is proven that a cup of tea in the morning can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease by facilitating the circulation of oxygen in the blood in the body.

2. Cardamom milk

Cardamom milk can be a delicious way to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is very rich in calcium and potassium. It also helps improve breathing and lower blood pressure. What else? It can also help against anxiety and can therefore be a good weapon in the fight against depression.

3. Lemon water

Healthy alternatives

Lemonade can be a great way to start a great day. It is packed with vitamin C. As an antioxidant, vitamin C plays a role in building your immunity and protecting your skin against UV rays. It is essential for the creation of collagen, a protein that improves your skin, tendons and ligaments.

4. Tulsi tea

The queen of herbs, Tusli, is an Ayurvedic way to achieve calm and clarity of mind, providing immunity and detoxification in the body, along with an overall sense of well-being. This method has been a practice in India for ages and has been so well inherited by their younger generations as part of existence.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be an energy boost and can replace coffee in the morning. It is a caffeine-free drink made from fermented apples and contains acetic acid. It also has beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity and blood sugar.

6. Vegetable juice

A glass of vegetable juice is probably what you crave when you need a morning boost. Packed with all kinds of nutrients, it can be the perfect balanced diet, so you can feel good sipping. You can also add a few flavors to make it more interesting – the pomegranate flavor can help make your taste buds happy.

7. Coconut Water

Healthy alternatives

It strengthens the immune system and also helps eliminate bacteria causing urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, gum disease and viruses that cause colds, infectious diseases and typhus. Energy is greatly increased when coconut water is added to the diet.

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