5 Romances So Horrible, Love Is Dead Forever

For you young readers, parents once had to choose between the mortgage and little Codey’s Christmas list for the plush toy brand. One guy even got killed for a “Beanie Baby’s Debt. “We wish we had invented this. The resale price of these things in the late 90s was disgusting.

Craig Zentkovich

All these children became millionaires.

the scene in this Las Vegas courtroom is the perfect epitome of the 90s and captures the true spirit of divorce court in a depressing snapshot. Divorce hearing made national securities. Laughter broke out among those in the courtyard as adults tensely separated overpriced stuffed animals as if they were Rembrandt paintings, each participant pushing their favorites into their pile on a wooden floor linoleum with a strained look on the face. Court records specified which party had obtained custody of the Ren and Stimpy VHS collection or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer playset.

This collection (once estimated at $5,000) is now seriously devalued after the speculator bubble burst. These same Beanie Babies are likely being used as a dog chew toy as we speak. If you were ever unsure of the value of a prenup, this incident should eliminate any lingering qualms.

The lady who dumped her husband for Hitler

It is normal for marriage to end due to political or ideological disputes, especially in the current climate. But this one takes the cake.

Thea von Harbou, one of the greatest screenwriters of her time, shared the love of cinema with her husband. The duo created some of the most influential and daring films of the silent era, such as Metropolis, Spionthe Dr. Mabuse series, and M. Husband Fritz Lang directed while his wife wrote the scripts. If you’ve ever seen a Christopher Nolan movie or a James Bond movie, that’s where they stole all their ideas except for the horn sound effect. You can thank Hans Zimmer for that.

Fritz Lang and Thea von Harbou in their Berlin apartment, 1923 or 1924

Waldemar Titzenthaler


What could go wrong? Well, it was 1930s Germany and Mrs. Harbou was more interested in another man. You could say she found his mustache irresistible.

This betrayal stung even harder because Lang was technically a “halbjude(half-Jewish), and under the rules stipulated by German law, he could have lost everything and possibly been gassed. targeted by the Nazis, he was offered the starring role as the film’s chief propagandist for the Third Reich, he politely declined Joseph Goebbels’ offer and got the hell out of Dodge. His artistic partner, muse and lover stayed at home and made several productions as part of the Nazified German film industry. Hardly shocking given that it has been theorized that Harbou subtly inserted pro-fascist messages in some of her husband’s films.

Lang survived the horrors that unfolded in Europe. His career was never the same, but it took place in Hollywood. His ex-wife found herself cleaning up the garbage at the end of the war, an outcast. However, she largely escaped any major backlash, her creativity coming in handy when she had to explain Hitler’s lipstick-smeared portrait in her bedroom.

hitler portrait


“How did it get here?”

Top picture: Clarence Taurus

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